Arenas on Duke paying players

Stephen A. Smith posted a video on Instagram talking about a new California bill that would allow college athletes to get paid through endorsements. Arenas, who played 11 seasons in the NBA and was a three-time All-Star, responded to the video in the comments.

Arenas says players are already getting paid, and he says he knows of two players in the last five years who were paid $200,000 to attend Duke rather than Kentucky.

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I wonder why Arenas professes that he knows about Dookie, but is not speaking about his own school (Arizona), who he knows is neck deep in hard evidence (deep doodoo)?

Maybe because everyone is already talking about Arizona while painting Coach K and Duke program as clean.

That is funny…

I actually don’t think anyone really thinks Duke is clean (except Duke fans). I just find it sad and disingenuous when an Arizona guy is pointing fingers at them in public. If he has real information and is trying to cover Arizona’s behind by implicating others, he should take it to the NCAA, IMO.

I doubt anyone cares at this point but Sports Illustrated had an article about Zion Williamson from the tenth grade in high school. His family went from bankruptcy to a gated community in Low Angeles destined for Az. Suddenly Duke enters the picture. As Nolan said a blind man could see this picture! The NCAA has blinders on to the big schools!

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Frankly, after harping on this subject and being roasted for it, I’m reserved that there is a two tier justice system. Not just in sports, but in everyday life. One system for the elites, and another for everyone else. The Blue Bloods will continue paying players and get away with it. As long as money from the networks, and the NCAA tournament keep rolling in, the NCAA and most everybody else doesn’t care. In fact, most people only want the same elites like Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Kansas, Michigan State, Villanova, and Gonzaga, to play for the National Title year after year. Anything else would be bad for business.

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Kansas just got its notice of NCAA Level 1 allegations, in spite of your unsubstantiated claims to the contrary, and Self is likely to get a suspension out of the deal. Arizona is likely to follow. Are you going to admit that you were wrong? I doubt it.

After watching the Will Wade circus last season I won’t hold my breathe waiting on any type of punishment for Kansas, Arizona or Duke!

When I actually see a school like Kansas get a post season ban,loss of scholarships, and fine like most smaller schools would,Then I’ll admit I was wrong. Suspending Self for what, some or even all preconference games? Yeah. Thats a crusher.

BS. You’ve already seen it: Louisville. National championship banner came down, scholarships lost, Pitino’s out of the game. Louisville’s just as big a name as Kansas, but since it doesn’t fit your narrative you ignore it, and you sure don’t admit you were wrong,

Yawn. Go get your validation from someone else SF.

Oh, I forgot. Louis’ 2 NC to how many for KU? Yeah. thier just as big alright. You really showed me up.

Actually Kansas has (3) national titles in tournament just like Louisville’s: 1980 NCAA Tournament Championship. 1986 NCAA Tournament Championship. 2013 NCAA Tournament Championship.