Aren’t Long and Les Miles close?

I think there are many up and comer HC and DC guys out there that can be great if we get to them before another 5-8 national programs start searching, but would we consider a guy who averaged ten wins for like ten years with HC experience, a national title, knows recruiting area well, and knows what it takes at highest levels?

I know crazy but these might be crazy times.

I’m for a coach that can eat all the field grass they want if we can win 10 a few years in a row.

I couldn’t agree more and though I think Les is crazy at times but I think he got a real raw deal at LSU. LSU fans are nuts!

Totally agree. Coach Miles had as good a run as anyone towards the top of a national program.

Maybe so, but you have to be bad to not win at LSU. What about without all that talent?


Miles couldn’t put a good offense on the field at LSU, and it’s much more difficult to build a defense at Arkansas than LSU. If you gave CBB LSU talent on the lines here, I don’t think his job would be in jeopardy. In 2016 of the eighteen 4+ stars that Miles signed thirteen were from Louisiana.

Offenses in the SEC are in bad shape. It was a missed opportunity not being able to score this season. I think the path of least resistance for Arkansas to compete is to hire an offensive guru.

I can see that.

If we change it makes sense to me to bring in an up and comer that has a lot to prove. Lou, Visor Boy are two examples of coaches who could never get over the hump with their teams after nice runs with other schools.