Are Zach Williams, Ladarrius Bishop and Bax coming back?

would have one Covid year eligibility left and have not declared for draft, Working out with Hogs still

They’re on campus.

RD? can you read and accurately interpret Sam Pittman smirks?

All three players are on the roster I have for spring ball.


Matt is E Harris really down to 297? Per the roster I saw it says he is? Wouldn’t that be like 60 lbs down?

Can you verify this?

He is listed at 6-7, 297 pounds. That’s a 43-pound drop from what he was listed as last summer.

Wow!! That may be a little bit too much weight loss… we must be looking him at OT if he’s lost that much weight. I thought he was awesome at OG in the bowl game.

Maybe dropped baby fat and rebuilding with muscle?

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My thinking.

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