Are you rooting other SEC teams?

Clay describes how I feel about OU and the Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy watching them win almost as much as I enjoy watching them lose. Fun either way, and I rarely get jazzed about the result. Some of it is seeing my friends agonize over those teams the way I do the Hogs. If they are kind about my fandom it is easier to be the kinder onlooker.

I try to root just a bit for OSU or OU and especially TU when they don’t play UA. Rooting for TU is the best because the OU and OSU folks don’t get my support but can’t really hate on me either.

Hope that none of the other SEC teams win, especially Ole Pi$$ and Tennessee. I find Vitello as well as his team to be arrogant a$$es

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I tend to think it is pretty cool how dominant the sec is. As Matt pointed out if Texas and Oklahoma win could have 7 of 8 be sec or future sec teams.

We want best players. Show the best conference. Never be scared to compete.

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Just the Aggies, but only because my youngest is one.

We definitely don’t want Auburn to win. That would put 3 SECW teams in our half of the World Series bracket. We’ve already played both teams and beat both 2-1 during the season. I hate OR ST, but I’d love to knock them out of the World Series.

Hate them all, I pull against them all. In every sport. The way the officials treat us, the schedule the SEC gives us, they clearly hate us. And I hate them.

Go hawgs!!!

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