Are You Kidding Me?

No way we win that game!

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It sure didn’t look like we would until they fouled JD with 8 seconds left.

No way?? Did we pull that out? My wife said I passed out on the floor! JUST kidding

I still can’t sleep.

My wife stayed up and has to get up at 4:45. She will need to sleep fast, as my dad used to say…

I’m still up and can’t sleep. Oh course my stomach is burning to high heaven.

When JD fell down, I was sure that was it. NO WAY we could win after that. But we did!

One thing I’m really enjoying that’s different from last year in this streak is we come out fighting hard immediately. Both last year and this year you knew/know we had/have a shot to win any game but this year we’re not coming from behind by 12-15 points. That seemed to happen quite often last year.

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Kids and I were dancing in the living room down here in TX.

Wonderful win

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