Are you kidding me...?

Scrolling across The Bottom Line on ESPN:

“Houston Nutt says Arkansas has reached out to him about coaching vacancy”

Nutt made those comments on the radio this morning. I get the sense it was more of Arkansas seeking advice about what a former successful coach here thinks they should be looking for in their next coach. I do not think Nutt is a candidate at all.

He did say he would only come if Gus was OC.

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LOL! MM quarterbacks coach a prequesite?

Who is “Arkansas” that reached out to him? Unless it was HY personally, I wouldn’t give any credence to it. Even if it was just to seek advice.

OH, and this “release to the press/radio” during the search, is an example of why he should never, ever, never, ever be considered again.

He did not say he was approached about the job opening for himself.

Houston said it was Jon Fagg who had spoken with him “to touch base a little bit.” Jon is one of the senior-level ADs and one of Yurachek’s most trusted aides. He was involved in the Musselman hire.

Houston also said Arkansas was “down the road a little bit” and he thought they had “zeroed in” on a few unnamed candidates.

Why would Nutt say Arkansas has reached out to him? Trying to stay relevant? If that did happen, bet John Fagg was not real happy to have his name thrown out there that he was reaching out to Nutt.
Who else would do a radio interview and say that an Arkansas administrator reached out to them? If true, is it save to say that others have been spoken to as well?
Will Arkansas pursue Clay Helton if USC lets him go this weekend?

He was asked directly: Has anyone from the U of A contacted you?

Just being honest and wanting people to knew that he’s still relevant?

no, he was on The Buzz with his good friends Tommy and Baz and Roger, hes always very open and candid with them, I’ve come to enjoy his weekly spot.

They shot the bull for a while, then Baz sort of apologetically said its our job to ask you, has anyone at UA contacted you about the head coaching job search.

HDN really downplayed it and said that Fagg had contacted him, but HDN made it very clear that they were “on down the line” or something like that-he was not at all saying that he is an active candidate.

They asked him if he would ever work in some role at UA (they mentioned AD or any other role), and HDN enthusiastically said yes he would.

Guys, he loves arkansas and he loves the hogs. I know how he left and coached old mrs was painful, but he’s one of us.


Well I hate to show too much venom regarding Nutt but here goes. If Nutt were to get the head coaching job, Arkansas football would be completely dead to me.

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HY would not polarize the Arkansas fan base by bringing back HDN.

Still question whether Gus would also be a polarizing selection even though he could possibly be a good coach for Arkansas & would be much more focused & successful than HDN.

Neither coach has shown much loyalty to Arkansas despite their deep ties. Not sure that is an overwhelming criteria for HY as HC hires are now all about $.

As opposed to being on life support now? :sunglasses:

I think we are safe with any thought of HDN ever being hired here again. I can’t think of any instance where any major university rehired a head coach they had previously fired.

Ken Hatfield was at practice the other day, and I would not be surprised if somebody involved in the search had reached out to him as well, being a beloved former player(and more fondly remembered than loved at the time HC). The difference is that Hatfield finds it much easier to either keep his mouth shut or say very little about something like this than Houston Nutt, who as always loves to hear himself talk.

Both of those guys have deep Arkansas connections and have been gone long enough to perhaps be able to give some fairly objective and useful advice.

I think seeking Hatfield and Nutt’s input/advice/opinions make sense
considering their deep knowledge of Razorback football.
Yurachek is no dummy and he will likely cover any and all bases that
might give him a bit of cover as well as potentially some important
insight or connection.

Good to see some of the former coaches and players rally around the team. Hope that support impresses current players, HY, & coaching candidates. It would be great to see our fan base unified and supportive of the Razorback football program again, including turnout at the games.

Yurachek knows that better than anyone. That’s why he’s going to get this right.