Are you concerned, dissapointed or done?

I have to admit when I see games like this, now four decades a hog fan, it makes one wonder about a lot of things.

What worries me is that losses like that don’t bother me like it used to for me. I’m more accepting that our program may just be kinda stuck with a ceiling hard for us to overcome more consistently.

I’m certainly not done, but when an administration has a losing record in five years, you wonder about expectations and lots of things.

Are we as a program doing everything we can to have a nationally powerful program? I think we certainly try hard no doubt and have tremendous fans.

If money and resources matter, are we committed to stop losing money and prestige by still playing in LR for instance? I don’t know.

I have concerns about expectations, am dissapointed in games like this especially after rough finish just last year when you hoped coaches could correct but I’m not done because I still believe we can be a more consistent national power at Arkansas.

All of the above it didn’t take a lawyer to figure out this team is nowhere near ready to play with the big boys physically!

I’m looking forward to watching my St. Louis Cardinals over these next few weeks. That about says it all. Football season? Is it football season? I was unaware. Say when does basketball season start?


I’m to the point I don’t want to go to the games anymore. This is a first in my life. There’s few things I love more than being in DWRS, but I just don’t have the want to anymore. Didn’t go today for the fact I had a bad feeling about the game, after watching the opener in LR. Glad I didn’t drive across town for this one.

Disappointed. Too many penalties and lack of execution by AA, WRs and OL.

When CBB received an extension and increased buyout after a 7-6 season, then it was obvious to me that mediocrity was going to be accepted.

I mean, who were we bidding against for CBB at that time?

This severely damaged my optimism towards the football season not because we lost… it’s vhow we lost.

I honestly believe a lot can be restored by winning in 14 days against Texas A&M but confidence vs SEC opponents won’t be one of them.

Honestly this scares me with the thought process of a redshirt Sophomore QB leading what we all just witnessed on the field next season.

This seems like a new bad turn. Arkansas’s offense was incapable of taking advantage of opportunities. The offense was extraordinarily poor. The passing game, except for a couple of exceptions, didn’t get our quicker players into open space. Plays took extremely long to develop. We’d be better off with a sandlot scrambler QB than one who is trying to execute a complex offense + finding receivers out of position. What an unpleasant mess of a football game.

It’s as though we have gotten to the point where Bret Bielema is a nonfactor, and the team is being coached by the coordinators. Special teams execution is always a measure of the head coach, right? Arkansas’s special teams look uncoached. Dreadful.

I did not believe Bielema could find a way to completely deflate my enthusiasm for Razorback football, but here we are. Arkansas had every chance to make a game of it against a mediocre opponent, but the offense and special teams were nonfunctional. Home opener on national TV, all the motivation we needed, and splat. It was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen an Arkansas team give at Fayetteville, or anywhere on earth. Why this happened – why the offense is a mess, why we went with a kicker who’s toast – the answer’s going to be disturbing.

If Arkansas runs an offense that inherently is given to slow starts, that is a huge problem. But this game was a step beyond anything we had seen. Our offense played a modestly talented opponent and was almost totally ineffective. With a backup QB and hardly any weapons, Arkansas still scored 24 against Rutgers in 2013 (on the road). I don’t know the last time a team that ordinary held the Razorbacks to 7 points at home. Anybody have any recollection? Something is bad wrong with this offense.

I want to be Done but I just can’t do that.

Definitely disappointed but that seems to be recurring theme the last few years. I knew after the game last week that this season was in jeopardy.

My concern is that I’m just not concerned anymore. I should be but the enthusiasm just isn’t there and I’ve been a fan for 6 decades…I’ll keep watching, keep pulling for them but I just don’t have high expectations.

Unless something changes with this program I suspect that more fans are going to become complacent. Not on the fire the coach wagon yet but at some point something has to change.

The only thing I’m looking forward to next year is that we’ll not have a quarterback named Allen.

Disappointed, we showed promise a couple of years ago and now this is the product on the field…

Disappointed. In a lot of things.

Disappointed that this is where we are in year 5. Disappointed in the product on the field. Disappointed in the overall talent and speed level which translates to being disappointed in recruiting. Probably most disappointed in the fact that there are no quick fixes for the situation we are in, and that we are still facing a significant rebuilding process before we ever can become consistently relevant. Disappointed that we are locked into a long term contract with a ridiculous buyout that would prohibit a coaching change event if it becomes apparent that one needs to be made. And very disappointed because I so wanted (and still want) BB to be the guy to lead us back to consistent national relevance, and disappointed because I am now skeptical of that.

And I can’t say all that without admitting that I am disappointed in myself too for not caring like I once did and not wanting to get emotionally invested in this team or program right now.

Done. Done. Done.

Tired of sending my hard earned money on a inferior product.

Year 5 I expected more than was shown today. It was embarrassing.

There will be lots of empty seats the rest of the year and Lord there will be more than plenty next year.

Jeff will not sleep well the next few nights.


After a total embarrassment of a football game I am having a HUGE cocktail & watching my Cards. I will check back in 2 wks but if we don’t play better against A&M I am off the Bret bus. We were completely out coached. Feel bad for the kids wearing red

I’m done expecting something special to happen. This was a big game and the Hogs got dominated in their house.

I’ll still be supporting the team, but my expectations have sure taken a hit.

I’m pretty concerned about the season and very disappointed. We flat looked terrible. Coach Anderson hasn’t shown me anything yet to make me believe we can have a road grader offensive line. We have some talent on that line but they aren’t executing. We should have stayed with the hot back David Williams. Defense didn’t really play that bad but they were gassed. We look like we are starting a lot of new receivers - JRed needs to step up. Teams are going to gash us running this year on the 3-4 because by the time our LBers get on them they are 4-5 yards deep.

Disappointed. Mostly in the offense. Mostly in the OL. Seems they have regressed the past two years. I’m afraid it may be OL coaching. Our RB’s had no room to run.

I feel good about our receivers and QB getting on the same page. Will take all the new receivers a while.

After over 4 decades as a Razorback fan, and 2 decades as a season ticket holder, I am DONE.

I fly all the way from New York City for games. I contribute to the Razorback foundation. I pay for season tickets. I pay for a tailgating spot in The Gardens. This will literally be the last year the UofA gets anymore of my money.

After the product on the field today and the 42 minutes I I had to wait in line (also literal) in order to simply buy water, only to be told the CC machines weren’t working and they were also out of water…no thank you. I missed the last 5 minutes of the 2nd Qtr, the entire halftime and returned to my seat (which is 20’ from the concession stand) with 5:18 left in the 3rd Qtr.

No thank you. I have other things I can do with all this money and time.

I am soooooo DONE.

Actually this what I’ve come to expect from CBB’s teams early in the season. In 2015 they lost to decent Toledo and Texas Tech teams in dreadful fashion. Last season CBB caught a break by playing La Tech with a freshman, backup QB. We lose that game if Higgins had played with their 2 NFL wideouts.

I’ve also come to expect that, just when I believe that we can’t win more than 5 games for the entire season, we win some SEC games in October that looked out of reach a month earlier. Here we go again, or does he finally lose a team before he can course correct?

We tend to give raises and extend contracts based on potential, rather than performance. This hand cuffs us and forces us to endure mediocrity or worse because we can’t afford to buy out the contract. If Bielema is allowed another couple of years before a change is made, I hope Jeff Long goes with him. It is unlikely we will ever catch lightning in a bottle again like we did with Petrino. At the time he was hired, I couldn’t believe we were able to get a coach of his caliber at Arkansas. I considered Petrino a top 5 coach at the time he was hired. As all Arkansas fans learn, the light at the end of the tunnel is a oncoming train.