Are we willing to pay market for high expectations?

I wonder whether it’s a Matt Rhule or Mike Leach or anyone more proven on larger stage.

Is Arkansas going to pay 10th in SEC and look first at bargains hoping to be number 1?

Or will it step up and pay for high expectations at a critical moment in time?

Eventually have to pay for what you want. We’ve swung and missed twice in a row, can’t afford a 3rd. Get it right, pay whatever needs to be paid.

This has to be a home run hire!!! A hire that will convince kids like Burks to stay at Arkansas. A hire to unite and excite the fan base. A hire that will excite recruits and make them want to come and play at Arkansas. A hire that is proven, with a great resume. Not an up and coming Morris type. A hire that will have the Jerry Jones type support, if you know what I mean. A hire that will be made soon, for recruiting and retaining purposes. What about a Bob Stoops? If he did it at Oklahoma, could he not do at Arkansas? The XFL, really? How about the SEC West, the toughest conference/division in America. Open up the check book. Arkansas can pay more than the XFL.

I don’t think they’ll pinch pennies because the stakes are too high. However, we don’t get the right coach just by paying a bunch of money. If we find someone we want, we will have to pay a pretty hefty sum, but I don’t want to pay someone Saban-like numbers unless it’s Saban. That’s not happening. Neither will it be some other high-profile P5 coach. Not Meyer, Swinney, Mullin, Smart, etc.

We can get a top-notch coach without breaking the bank. I’d prefer to load the contract with bonuses & maybe some penalties. I don’t know how realistic it’d be to have a buyout clause reduced by say, 50%, if he only wins an average of 3.5 wins per season after 3 years. Not sure anyone would go for that. However, it’s a pretty mild minimum. Anyway, I’m not too crazy about guarantees right now.

IF WE WANT THIS MACHINE RUNNING 100% AGAIN??? Money still talks. Entice Jimmy Johnson. AN EX RAZORBACK and an AMAZING football coach.

76 year old Jimmy Johnson?

And has no interest in coaching again or leaving South Florida. JJ ain’t happening. That’s a bigger pipe dream than Urban Meyer.

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When we are willing to pay for top or towards the top of expectations in our own conference even, give me a call.

Maybe if somebody reminds people enough it will sink in,. We’re still on the hook for the remaining $8 million of Bielema’s buyout pending his legal action. We’re about to be paying Morris, although if they settled for a $5 million buyout it will help (rumored but not confirmed). We’re paying off a stadium expansion at about $10 million per year. We’re going to have to buy out Chavis and Craddock, especially Chavis. All of that is money that can’t go to Matt Rhule or Dave Clawson or Urban Meyer or any other coaching fantasy you might be having.

The only way we get one of those once-in-a-lifetime type coaches is IF they actually want to come here, and IF all of those mega rich donors want to foot the bill like they were gonna for Gus.

Or Jerry Jones becomes Arkansas’ version of T. Boone Pickens.