Are We There Yet?

Do we now have a true SEC type roster up and down across the board? I not talking about 5 stars stacked deep, but soild, capable SEC type players. Do we look the part. If we are, then that will serve us well over the long haul. I don’t think we have ever been there as a team since being in the SEC.

If we are, it does not mean make reservations for Atlanta, but without it, you don’t have much of a chance. I get the feeling Clay thinks we pretty much are a true SEC team. I hope so.

If we are not, we are awfully darned close. And I like it!

I’m just hoping that one of these days, MalvernHog and I will be making an appointment to get Razorback tattoos. (We have a deal that when the Hogs win a national title in football, we will both get tattoos.)

I think we are close. One more class should finish the stocking and from there success dictates how well our roster improves.

On those standards, I wonder most about the secondary and depth at offensive tackle.

The linebacker situation might be more mixed than SEC-standard, but improved. Do not see three LBs out there who are capable of wreaking havoc. Maybe next season when freshmen are sophomores.

Arkansas is starting a former walk-on at rush end. Is that SEC-type?

An SEC title contender should have a kicker with pro potential.

Getting closer.


I don’t know, was Burlsworth SEC-type? That’s not to say that all former walk-ons are worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Brandon. But goodness, don’t dismiss them because they walked on.


Did I dismiss anyone? Don’t kneejerk. Arkansas is the only SEC team starting a former walk-on on the defensive line. That is a fact. Interpret as you will.