Are we the home team tonight?

TCU has been home team twice & we’ve been home team once. Seems we should be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a coin flip.

yeah pretty sure we would be since they were yesterday

Arkansas is the home team.

If TCU wins, Arkansas will be the home team tonight because TCU has been the home team twice in this regional, compared to once for Arkansas.

If Central Connecticut wins, Arkansas will be the road team. Both teams have been the home team once, but Central Connecticut has been the visiting team twice, compared to Arkansas’ once.

Dumb question, but when we are the visiting team in our own stadium, do we have to use the visitor locker room and dugout?

You stay in your home dugout, but are not allowed to go into the locker room during the game.


  1. Is there a restroom in the dugout?
  2. What about for an injury?

Do we get to use our locker room when we’re the home team? Like tonight?

The host team uses its home locker room regardless of whether it is the home team or visitor. That wasn’t the case until about three years ago, then the rule was changed.

There are restrooms in each locker room, which is adjacent to the dugout. If a player is injured, I assume they are taken to the Arkansas training room.