Are we the home or visitor in Tampa?

Trying to figure out where best to get seats where I’m not between two sets of guys from Pittsburgh.

We should be the HOME team, based on the fact that Indiana was Home Team in last year’s game, and Auburn was Home the year before.

2021 Game Day Images

2020 Game Day Images

What would be the advantage of being home team in a bowl game? Each team has their name in an end zone, first possession still depends on the coin toss, etc. Maybe it affects which sideline you get, but still it’s a neutral field. Wouldn’t think there’s much disparity in locker rooms at a bowl game.

Not sure what the significance of being designated home team is.

The ticket map I saw had home and visitor on the sideline, not Big Ten and SEC. That’s why I was asking. I wound up buying two seats on the home side.

I understand wanting to know for seating location purposes. But I’ve seen the question brought up on other threads, just wondering what’s the significance for the teams.

Wear Red I guess?

The link to buy tickets that the UA put out had the Big Ten on the top side and the SEC on the bottom side of the stadium for what it’s worth.

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Maybe it means we get to have the band on the field and make our entrance through the big A with the fight song playing while Penn St has to do their entrance straight from the locker room to the sideline, no fanfare, haha.

Just kidding, I think bowls treat both teams equally, maybe even let both teams choose their own uniform combo.

Ok. I bought on the bottom side. Which is the east side.

There is one other consideration. We’re 8-1 in red unis and 0-3 in white this year.

The ticket map on Ticketmaster listed SEC and BIG 10 sides

But I don’t remember which way the diagram was oriented

I do know there were more tickets available on the Big 10 side

My tickets are in sec 146 and that is on the SEC side of the end zone, if that helps

I’m in 238. Which is on the SEC side. Just found the seating map with SEC and BT labels.

I don’t think there’s any material difference. The only one I can think of is the color of jersey we wear and which side of the stadium we occupy. Before 1972 the home team was significant. The officiating crews were split bet the home and visitors with the home team getting the referee. There were only 5 officials at that time as I recall, so the home team got 3 and the visitors got 2. Preston Watts and the 1971 Liberty Bowl changed that. Now the officials come from a third conference

Maybe the home team calls the coin toss…. :wink:

The main thing is the color of the jerseys now that the Refs come from another conference. I can’t see the jerseys making a difference other than the 12 people in the US still watching in black and white with rabbit ears. Otherwise, it’s for ticket location.

A bud just scored tickets from his bud in section 109. Will I be amongst Hogs or Nittanies?

109 appears to be in the navy blue section. Sorry.

Dangit. Welp. It’s free. And allegedly has access to club amenities.

Uh, not from what I’ve found. The club seats are the 200 level. If you were in 209, you would.

Yeah I saw your post earlier. That’s why I said allegedly. Once I saw 109 I told my bud “so not club” but he’s being told yes. No matter. Free is free.

Yep, free is good. My seats were definitely not free. After tax and Ticketmaster fees, they work out to $200 a pop.