Are we that much improved on D?

Do we have as much talent as Ms State on D? They went out and hired a really good DC!

  1. Don’t know
  2. So did we!

No!! MSU has players that get after you. We have – well we don’t want to tackle, and are too slow. Other than that, we are a good defense for maybe DIV II or at least that is what we showed last week . Oh, but they did well in school and stayed out of jail. That is good.

MSU is aggressive. We do not even know what the word means.

We don’t play near as fast or physical.






of tackles can be a very misleading stat.

Coaches said he should have had 20+.

Also, TCU did well rushing the ball, so they weren’t 17 tackles where you want them.

This D is improved, no question. But is still quite a bit away from being ‘good’

The true determination if the 3-4 was a success won’t be known until the end of this season, by then we should be seeing how well it fits are players and coaches. One spring and one fall camp won’t have you prepared with a new defense, if we are truly practicing ones against ones we should see improvement sooner if it’s going to happen. WPS

A lot of tackles hitting guys 5 yards down field and getting dragged for three more yards. Not stellar LB play, but he is not alone in this. Watch the film and you will see a lot to of this on the whole defense.

was very impressed with MSU LSU game… intensity on both sides

depressed me also…

from what I can see MSU brings a lot of pressure,trying to force you into mistakes,we are more bend and dont break so far…we will see how things progress now that we have a loss.

I’m slightly encouraged on the amount of progress to date. I thought it would be October before we started seeing much in the way of positive signs, but the first two games have demonstrated better play, particularly safety play.

What we have not seen so far is consistent pressure on the passer. Part of that was scheme against TCU, but this is the week to see some of those rush ends get going, as A & M’s OL is not nearly as good as TCU’s OL.

We are starting one true freshman CB and playing another a lot, so their continued development in the next few weeks is vital to the whole defense’s progress. Both have talent, which bodes well for the future, but there are going to be some growing pains.

17 tackles by the LB is what you want. I’m not sure what you are complaining about because the real problem would be our safeties making all the tackles. We had a containment strategy to keep Hill in the pocket (We had a 3 man rush/contain most of the game), We dropped 8 into coverage and that opened running lanes, TCU spread us out at times and that opened running lanes, their Oline was quite a bit better than I anticipated, and this was our new defenses’ 2nd game…against a very dynamic offense.

The defense played well enough to win for 54 minutes until the number of plays TCU ran (and our offensive failures) wore them down. The offense/kicking game… not so much. Our defense is designed to have the LB making a lot of tackles. When you get in trouble is if your DBs and safeties are your leading tackler. And we held a pretty good offense to 361 yards. They got 619 yesterday.

I’m not complaining about anything.

I understand how the 3-4 works just fine.

I was just pointing out that just because a player had 17 tackles, it really doesn’t mean squat. Especially when it comes to looking at a defensive performance. Our run defense wasn’t spectacular by any means, our 3rd down defense was atrocious, especially 3rd and short. Which they consistently had, which is a result of bad 1st and 2nd down defense.

Like I said, they are definitely improved, but are not good, yet.

But, was their Oline better than you thought or or Dline worse than you thought? I’m not impressed with the DL. I don’t understand the Nose tackle being off the ball 1 yard. I Hate the parallel 4 point stance. Seems we lack explosion off the ball.

I think, Don, that Dre’s tackles were mostly after the RB gained 4-5 yards and one or two of our guys did an artful dodge to get out of the way. And I slept well by going to bed around 10:30 last night. You should try it; might allow you to stop SHOUTING!!!"

I think most of us, if before the game had been told the Hogs’ defense held TCU to 367 total yards (game) and 14 points (in the first 57 minutes), would have taken it in a heartbeat. That said, I still cringe with the defensive line play, especially in short-yardage situations. Just not sure we have the personnel needed on the line at this point. Gooden sure should help that next year. I do think the defense is better and faster. SEC fast. Depth and the learning curve for the 3-4 are still issues. Playing stronger with backs to the goal-line is also an issue.

Yes, I agree that the defense has improved. However, TCU did dominate the game on both sides of the ball. Remember, TCU fumbled around our 5 yard line and Hill missed a receiver (barely) for another touchdown.

I am amazed at the people whining about the defense but I’m not sure why. It seems like people don’t even watch the games.

It was 14-7 with a few minutes left despite having a very bad offensive day and likely would have stuck at 14 with any offense or a non weak PI call.

But, by all means gripe about one of the lone bright spots in the game.

Absolutely. We held our own quite nicely on the defensive end from TCU. Didn’t happen to see any blown assignments. As noted earlier (and much to my chagrin) Santos Ramirez has improved. Heck we had to start a true frosh at one corner. Pleasantly surprised with Rhoads’ unit thus far

Really 17 does not mean squat??

You ever try to get one tackle? Hurts like hell so 17 is huge

Jackson is still lining up the ball and in a gap.
He should be lined uo head on and throw the center to the side he wants or needs to