Are we tanking?

Trust the process?

For what, the draft lottery?

The ping pong balls have not gone our way in a while.

Haha, that would explain a lot.

We’re a young team…it will get better. :lol: :lol:

Tonight was a head scratcher. Poor play, poor effort by the players and a coach who looked either apathetic or lost as to what to do. We let this game get away from us the first 5 minutes without a whimper. I’m not sure what I saw tonight, but it was about as bad a total effort as I have seen in my lifetime of watching Razorback basketball.

We let a decent team who lives and dies by the 3 just shoot clean 3 point shots…one after another. They hit 17 of them…we would have lost had they only counted 2 points for each 3 point shot.

Why not just stake out 4 defenders at the 3 point line and leave Gafford near the basket for a rebound? Get our defenders near their long jump shooters…force them inside…do something. Get a hand in their face, that is the best defense against a shooter. We played right into their hands…a perfect foil.


Obviously! I’m not smart enough to know why. However, I do believe it is because other teams have better players, we are out coached, or both.