Are we Still a Six Seed

Argh. I had hoped for a 3-3 Swing during the first six games, but sadly we’re at 2-4 and looking worse for the wear. Perhaps that’s our toughest six game swing with 4 on the road, but it was a very revealing three weeks. Clearly, we’re better than MVSU, but not so good against real teams.

0 seed unless we get our head out of our butt and start playing basketball like we are capable of playing. This team is so fragile mentally, when things are going great, we are all happy and playing great,the first time we face adversity,we crumble like a cookie

This unfortunately is not an NCAA tourney program at the moment. If six seed means in conference I believe we are close to last place in conference. Hope I’m wrong on that

The hogs should not mentioned as a seed for anything right now. They have totally lost confidence.

Absolutely don’t see it. We’ll be lucky to finish with a winning record. Muss has a real mess on his hands.

Don’t see us making the tourney without this mess - which Muss is part of - getting corrected.

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