Are we starting over on our posts?

if so, I want to change my name from Jhawg. How do I do that?

Also, if I cancel my Scout subscription…I paid a year in advance…what happens there? Do I get credit on this board? Do I still call Scout to cancel? Please advise…


I do not see a way to change your user name.

You must call Scout to cancel, and you should do that as it appears that they have already deleted the old boards.


The old HI Insider Board is still there and getting activity related to this big change. If I go to is gives me an option to Cancel. When should we cancel, once we know we are set up here, which since I’m posting I guess I am?

Testing. Guess I’m in. I thought of changing my name but everyone knows me as 339… LOL
So, I didn’t even try. To bad we lost our # of posts…