Are we recruiting anyone named Lillard?

Anyone that’s related to Lillard? Anyone who patterns their game after Lillard? Anyone who thinks they are Lillard? Anyone that looks similar to Lillard?
Anyone that when you D them up hard, they score 50?

Money Ball, Let Freedom 3 Ring!

The NBA learned along time ago, the 3point shot is difficult to defend, when guys want one they can get one.
We think are lost in the notion it’s easily defendable.

You go Muss.

I suspect he is in the NBA, but, since I don’t enjoy NBA games, I will ask to be sure: Who is Lillard exactly?

Damian Lillard. Beat OKC last night with a 3pt from Half Court, then waved bye to the bench. His wiki page:

Sending OKC and next question stat hound home was a thing of beauty. Loved his wave bye :wave:

I couldn’t believe he waved. He must not like those guys :smiley: