Are we really gonna have a committee

Hire an AD and a HC in a matter of weeks all while competing with several bigger-named program?

Have they not seen how unwieldy committees have been in recent years in college athletics? This is so stupid.

Hey, let’s not be so hard on committees. It was a committee that got us Stan Heath. JFB had Bill Self lined up. Self never did anything after that. A committee got us HDN. JFB had Tommy Tuberville lined up. Tommy never did anything after that. I will not sit by & let anyone knock the committee idea. :lol:

It appears that way.

It’s possible that events leading up to the dismissal of Long were being orchestrated for quite some time prior to the BOT meeting last week. It’s also possible that during the latter stages of that orchestration period, contacts were made for replacing both the AD and HC with commitments being garnered for both.

It’s possible that we may have a new AD as soon as next week, and a new HC the week following the Missouri game.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the candidates receiving the strongest consideration for AD were Scanlon and Varady.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the candidates receiving the strongest consideration for HC were Gus as plan A with Norvell as plan B.

This whole process is being portrayed as some kind of blind spontaneous knee jerk reaction. I simply don’t believe that to be the case.

All of this is just my humble uneducated and unsourced opinion.


If this or similar explanation is not true, the BOT needs a vote f no confidence involving themselves, the chancellor, and the university president.

The ADG article reflects this move was contrary to his job evals and yet somewhat in the works for 5-6 years.

This isn’t about having the best AD possible. It’s about exacting some sort of petty, yet high stakes “revenge” and also being able to call shots.

They have no rationale for firing him. It’s about ego and hurt feel bads and the Gus cult.

If this move is orchestrated by the Gus Cult I’m not happy.


Norvell Cult Charter Member :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my fear. Ego over reason.

If it is some kind of petty deal, then I hope it’s next August before they can hire an athletic director and every one on the BOT gets booted to the curb.

I think you are absolutely correct. The BOT has a plan and know exactly what they are doing. If there is a committee it will be one of those “committee in name only” type of committees. This whole “have someone in place by Jan. 1” is a bunch of baloney. I suspect we will have an AD hired very soon and a coach shortly thereafter. The main wrinkle left is the Iron Bowl. If Auburn wins that could make things dicey.

I’ll take that bet.


Yeahp, I agree with you.

I believe there is two guys right now that they are keying in on for the job of HC. 1a and 1b one is waiting on a green light from us, and perhaps we are waiting on the green light from the other.

As for AD? Who knows, Scanlon would be my guess.

I do think a committee wouldn’t really be what it is, in name only.

Our BOT. Wow. Hope their stategy of being nationally competitive by turning inward works.

I’ll take that bet, too, now.

I wouldn’t have taken it last week, but I certainly would now

Do you mean you think a AD and HC will be hired soon?

I can see an AD hired quickly. Would think that was in the works. A coach?? We will see

It appears to me DD doubts there is a plan of much of one. That’s the way I read his post and his Facebook posts. Scary stuff.

But, hey, at least we can have Rum and Cokes, now.

What are you saying Dudley?