Are we ready?

It’s Thursday, I checked the board pretty closely, but I haven’t seen any declarations from Mr. Henry concerning the location of the hay yet. I sure hope we’ve covered all the bases, would love to see us get out to a fast start this year.

The hay will be in the barn on Friday. Interestingly, they do not do much on Thursday in Bielema’s new plan, as incorporated from studying Chip Kelly and Kirk Ferentz ideas (and from the NFL). They do more of a practice on Friday than in the past. The break on Thursday helps provide live legs on game day. Very interesting to see how it plays out. Much study has been done on this in the offseason. Coaches feel good about these ideas.

… on Thursday night, Coach B said the hay was in the barn.

Well thank the lord. I was losing sleep the last couple nights worrying about where the hay might be.