Are we on the phone

With Pearl?


I sure hope not. I have gone to b-ball games at u of a since Suttons first year. If we hire that guy I will be done ordering them

I want ‘The Rot’ make him a offer he can’t refuse. Drop 6 for $6 on The Rot’ and let’s get this thang rollin!

He can’t dunk! Not interested

Are we on the phone with Greg Marshall and/or Thad Matta? That’s the important question. That’s who Arkansas should be on the phone with, or meeting with.

Beard isn’t coming to Arkansas.

We may be on the phone with them. No one really knows unless they are on Hogville.

Don’t have to be on the phone. Coaches are all in Minneapolis for the FF and HY can talk to them in person. If Matta wants a job this time, he’s probably there too.

Honestly, no one has a clue. We can only hope the UA has at least talked to both those coachers before setting on Musselman. We can only hope. Marshall is interested… but at this point in time Arkansas appears to be looking elsewhere which is a huge mistake IMO.

And if UA hires Musselman without having at least having talked to Matta… :evil:

Only if we’ve got a wire tap on that phone.