Are we on any grad transfer post player?

Or is that over with Sy evaluation as no one else of interest?

Seemed early on our emphasis was some physical power forward/post kids at one point together certainly with other guard/forward areas.

I remember Coach saying in an interview something similar to "we may not have a post player on the team this season.’ I’m thinking we’re done.

guess we were never in on Kerry Blackshear even though he is included on DD’s list of potentials up top. That would have made an immediater meteoric impact. I read that he has a decision impending, but no mention of us. Que sera, sera whatever will be. It really feels like our changes will make us to be perceived positively in conference with positive talking head results that help long run and the EM style is just the kick in the tookus we needed. No big man? no problem just adapt and move on.

It is quite interesting that there was a unanimous agreement among the posters that Mike must improve the front court with men before next season and it appeared those were the type of players he was recruiting for the late 2019 signing. In fact, one poster had said he won’t renew his tickets if Mike did not improve the front court.

No one seems to be pushing that now. It seems it is assumed that the coaching change will take care of everything and all the new system needs is three point shooters. :smiley:

Not necessarily, we need more skilled players that can shoot beyond 5 ft. Cylla, Grayer and Vanover are step in the right direction (I’m assuming the last 2 are done deals).

IMO if we don’t have a post type presence we are going to hurt on the boards bigtime b/c Chaney is a good rebounder but is foul prone and not much behind him as far as size,I guess you include Henderson but he looks a long ways away from being SEC quality.


You need to save some spots for 2020 class.