Are we just soft?

Seems like very little post or forward play in paint to get to line fit free throws on the road.

Mike has been to 3 NCAA tourneys of 7 tears including this one if corrrct

Got to have games like this to get good seed and get to second weekend for first time in at last

Look at the point production of Thompson, Cook, CJ & Thomas the past 2 games and that will answer your questions… less than 10 COMBINED!!!

You have to take the ball up strong and we have guys that get to cute inside.
Not enough heart to handle the banging. When they did get it down low they waited for the double to take it up. They have no understanding to pass back out and repost to get it back. Don’t get cute score.

We just are not that talented a squad. Macon, Barford, Gafford and a team of role players. Besides Gafford we have no front line talent of any consequence. If Macon and Barford don’t light it up every game, we don’t have anyone else to go to for points. Gafford is a young stud, but he is a freshman. The weakness in our squad is we don’t have any 6-7 horses who can score and rebound to help Gafford.

Thomas was back to his dumb self. Fouling three point shooters and doing nothing on offense. Bailey has talent and effort. We need Jones and hall to bring it on and let cook and Thomas get some rebounds and not screw up anything else when they are out there. Thompson needs to get his fat butt in the paint. I know he can play but everyone is on to his back door passing so cut out the cute stuff on the perimeter.

I think Cook and Thomas have looked good lately. Bailey had a decent game yesterday. Trey Thompson must be sick because the last 2 games are not like him.

We literally have a Post guy who has more dunks than most teams. And we have Barford, who’s as strong and physical as any guard you’ll see.

And we have Macon, who’s as good of a big shot taker and maker as you’ll see. But, ya, we’re just soft. Good grief.

Come on man…jeez