Are we just giving up on Buzz Williams?

He seems absolutely perfect, still young, great success, charismatic, good at recruiting, clean past. But it looks like everyone is just assuming that Texas A&M will get him. I know he wasn’t interested in the past, but circumstances are much different now (we have a practice facility, etc.).

I hope that our AD would make a serious run at him. Texas A&M may have more money, but they don’t have the same quality of basketball program that we have. I think there are still points where we have an advantage, such as fan support, that we could try to sell him on. I would definitely make him turn us down before turning to Sampson.

Yes…there’s no surer thing in the coaching carousel right now than Buzz going to A&M.

He’s from Greenville, 3 hours north of College Station. He got his masters from A&M-Kingsville and was an assistant at UT-Arlington, A&M-Kingsville, and at A&M. It’s his Mike Anderson/Arkansas, going home job.

Not giving up, but highly unlikely

He had an earlier opportunity and chose not to pursue it

He has a great name and personality fans would like, and yes has had some good teams like this year, but I’m not completely sold on his body of work. (Of course he’s in sweet sixteen now so I will eat these words of course).

Above average winning percentage.

Not sure he’s an all star recruiter.

He’s always been an interesting name but there is something about the full body of work I’m just not sure.

Maybe just me.