Are we home team tomorrow

or NC State


In the super regionals, the higher seed is always the home team for Game 3.

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Thanks Matt

You got a rule book that can be found in? I was at the game, but I’ve read the TV announcers said it’s a coin flip, as does Wikipedia, fwiw.

Page 25

Yeah, I just found it, thanks.

The tv announcers said it would be a coin flip

I like what your said better

So no coin flip?

Higher national seed gets the home 3 rd game

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Hogs will get the win but I sure would have preferred they won today

Walker is lost as a ball in high weeds LOL took him about 2 weeks to realize Pallette was hurt!

Similar to Phil’s slip up last week (saying that if G7 was rained out, NE would advance) the announcers messed up and said it would be a coin flip.

I knew from our previous Supers that was incorrect. But, I continue to be surprised that a lot of these Espn guys covering college baseball (not Phil) struggle with some basics.

I finally muted someone on Twitter who kept at me about the TV broadcasters knowing more than me on this subject, even once evidence was presented. I think there is a notion by many that anything said on a game broadcast is infallible.

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Phil’s announcement that Nebraska would have advanced if there was a Monday rainout was about as blatantly wrong as anything I’ve heard coming from someone that the listeners would have trusted to know. He put that out there like that was an official announcement. That’s never been the way a regional works, how could he have not known that?

Well - Bless their heart … I don’t believe anything on TV anymore - Its INFOTAINMENT now - this is a great case in point

I trust you Matt - your on target 99% of the time

Go Hogs

I don’t blame you, Matt. Other than KP, very few of them treat it as any more than a cottage industry to help them make a few payments on the pontoon boat (SEE Cormier, Lance….has he mentioned that he played college baseball and went to a CWS, ever?).

They rarely know the basics—never mind stuff like “throw out the hyperventilating over usage and pitch count with Kopps because he’s a unicorn”.

Much like the annual fly-by-night NCAAT basketball announcers, they pick a few name guys (Leiter, Rocker) annoint them, and largely ignore the rest.

That’s one reason it’s so frustrating that we are perilously close to them falling “OM frosted tips” backwards into being right.

Don’t even get me started on this new HR hand we are using, now. I blame most of this on that.

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There actually IS a rule that has that as an outcome but it requires the team from the winner’s bracket to be playing a team they haven’t beaten previously in the winner’s bracket. For instance if it had been Northeastern who’d come back and beat us on Sunday and there had been no way to play Monday or Tuesday they would have advanced to Supers based on some crazy NCAA rule.

Announcers have a rough time knowing the players names! They don’t have the product knowledge like they think they have!

The lead announcer pronounced Ole Miss Bianco’s name incorrect for several innings in their first Super Regional game. It was finally brought to his attention and he apologized to Bianco and Ole Miss fans profusely. Cracked me up.

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