are we home team Saturday night?

Help please

Trying to buy tickets

Someone on here just posted Hog Pen tickets for sale!


Arkansas is the home team Saturday, away team Sunday and would be the home team if there is a game Monday. The Razorbacks will be in their dugout for all three games.

The Hogs used the dugout on the third base line as their home dugout, for those who may not know. I am aware that most here do know - but I’m sure some do not.

TBH, I hadn’t really paid a lot of attention to whether teams usually/always? used the third - or first - base side as their “home” dugout. Looked it up and was interested to find that it is almost evenly split in MLB as to which side teams use for the home dugout. … he-nl.html

This might be the last season that Arkansas is in the third base dugout. The word is that the team is going to get a new clubhouse and weight room on the first base side. That isn’t confirmed, but I have heard talk about it more than one place.