Are we hiring a DC anytime soon?

Are we even close?

I don’t think anyone knows. Sam seems to play it close to the vest

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You will probably get more info about who Odom hires on here right now!!!

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The nerve of Sam and the reporters not adhering to the demands and schedules of this board!


Nope. The spot will remain vacant indefinitely.

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All is I can say is that I’m pretty happy about the tight ends coach. I am willing to believe that we’ll get a good one. I also recall folks screaming for Odom’s head for our poor defense this past year.

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I thought Pittman was having a press conference tomorrow. Maybe we’ll learn something.

So far Coach Pittman has hired two very good coach’s this off season… I would have to think he will continue to do that…. He’s going to get a good DC!

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When I posted what I did it wasn’t a reflection on Sam at all. My point was the unusual attention directed toward Odom and his new destination.

Oh no , I’m sorry I wasn’t meaning that… I was just posting … I guess I quoted you when I was just wanting to post in general.

Williams from Maryland at top of the list or only one on the list now. Strong rumor :innocent::sunglasses:

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Sounds like he has the “good recruiter” part covered!

I heard Venables is bailing on OU and coming to work for Sam

Maryland’s 247Sports site reported today that Williams has not spoken with anyone about the Arkansas job.

Would this be considered a home run hire?

Translation: They have talked about the Arkansas job.

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AR Plane landing in vicinity was a smokescreen then. Wonder where else they may have drove to.

Intern Head Coach at Navy?

Anyway we could get an updated roster / depth chart before the bowl game?