Are we having fun yet?

I am. All the great stories. BUT I have 1 problem. Yes it’s great we made it this far but if we let ORU beat us sure is going to leave a sour taste in my mouth. A church school 750-1000 miles away but not one 2 hours away. A team we beat!!. One thing I will say this is the luck I have been speaking of. Got to have a few teams lose. So a tip of my hat ORU has played well.
BTW that coach has got his 2 wins now, so it’s time to stop. LOL
What do you guys think?

One question, what does Muss make?
Actually I’m surprised Beard makes so much.

I’m having fun – it’s always fun to be relevant in the second week of the tourney.

But like it is for you, if we lose to ORU it will leave a little bit of sour taste in my mouth, for a while,

That’s not because I don’t think ORU is worthy or capable. It’s just that I think if we play our best game (especially defensively) and they play their best game, we should edge the,

If we lose I will probably think we didn’t play our best game. That would be a temporary downer.

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Has a #15 seed ever made it to the Elite Eight? I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

Of course, there’s a first time for everything. Hopefully, that time will not be this weekend.

We will need to play well. ORU definitely has been.

No, Florida Gulf Coast is the only other 15 to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. That team sure was fun to watch.

Highest seed to ever reach an Elite 8 was a 12 (Mizery in 2002).

ORU is only the second 15 to make the Sweet 16, I believe. Florida Gulf Coast (aka “Dunk City”) made it about 6 years ago? That was with the coach that is now at USC (Trojans).

Most fun I have had in years. Knowing we will not be out coached is a wonderful feeling. We are 11.5 point favorites. Bet we cover. Even if we lose it has been a great ride. One I wasn’t sure I would see again.

One thing about sports, the season almost always ends badly.

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But every once in a while it doesn’t…

It will be the best ending in the last 25 years no matter how bad it ends.


This has really been fun at a level we’ve been missing for years as far as Razorback basketball. Can you believe we are in the sweet sixteen by starting 3 freshman, incredible team to say the least. WPS

Fun… fun… fun and no one is taking my T-Bird away.

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