Are we having any discusssions with Venables I wonder?

Maybe make him say no to real offer before moving down the list? Kinda like they did with Gus?

Or is Chavis a done deal regardless given his long career and picking him up cheap at the moment?

Is any other major program bidding against us for Chavis where we worry for losing him?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The time delay might have meant two thingys:

A. Chavis is waiting to be fired before he can come to the Hogs, or

B. The Hogs have been waiting on Venables to finish his season, and then give him time to say bye to his troops.

Both of these make equal sense to me. Well, waiting to be fired really doesn’t make sense, but Swine thinks so, so it must be a reasonable thought process. I ain’t gonna beat his dead horse for him.

Fred, I know you’ve been in Alabama way too long, but have they drained out ALL your brain cells? It ain’t that difficult to figure out.

a) A&M pays him $1.6 million.
b) We aren’t going to pay him $1.6 million.
c) By forcing the Aggies to fire him, he still gets the $1.6 million. Some from us, some from them.

So, assuming that we’d pay him $1 million just for fun, that’s about 600,000 reasons for him to wait to get fired.

I’ve been in Bamaland long enough to know $1.6M is pocket change for thriving SEC programs that go bowling each year. You yourself have pointed out how much funds are generated each year by our programs and the Foundation. Why quibble over less than $1M when the dude could get away to a better offer? That seem like fried brain cells or are you just beating on me again? Is he not worth this pocket change?

We’ve never paid an assistant even $1 million, much less $1.6 million. Dan Enos and Robb Smith both got up to $800K their last years here. And, in case you haven’t noticed, we have a few other things going on requiring large quantities of RF money, like paying off Bielema’s contract and expanding the stadium. In all likelihood, if anyone was out there ready to throw $1.6M at Chavis, he’d have already taken it.

or d) A& M says fine…we are not going to help out a division rival…we will NOT fire you…you will be “reassigned” as special assistant to the AD and you will teach PE to freshmen for the next year until your contract expires…

Jeff and Fred’s robust discussions make for great reading on this board.

So Steve Caldwell will be the assistant PE instructor —makes sense since it is TAM, back up yell leaders, 12th man and all.

I’m still waiting for someone to offer me up a valid reason why Venables would leave Clemson for Arkansas.

If he did, great for Arkansas, but I just can’t see a good reason.

To show he can turn a D around, money, good relations with CCM. Maybe he likes a challenge.

I would thus come back with he’s already shown he can turn several defenses around, coming to Arkansas for a bad defense would reduce his odds to be a head coach, Clemson can out-bid Arkansas (certainly with the now over $20 million it has to pay Coach Bielema and Jeff Long) and he’s got a great relationship with his current head coach.

Maybe they are good friends?
Maybe he wants to be closer to home in Kansas?
We offer more money?
Likes a challenge?
Maybe he hates the color orange or purple?
Reds his favorite color?
Likes the SEC chant?

I don’t believe any of these, and calling anything after the first three “good” might be a stretch, but they are reasons.

I once dated a girl because my friend said I was forbidden to do it.

People do weird stuff sometimes for different reasons

Disclaimer: he isn’t coming to Arkansas


I’m still waiting for someone to offer me up a valid reason why Venables would leave Clemson for Arkansas.

If he did, great for Arkansas, but I just can’t see a good reason

That a and m , if the gotta pay him 1.6mm no matter what, hires another defensive coordinator and just says Chavis is just in an administration role for this year which keeps him from coming to Arkansas. Could happen. They paid sumlin a big sum, Paid Jimbo a bunch. We gotta pay out former coach 15mm now they tell us. And our former ad 4mm+. Surely we are not going to pay a and m buyout money to hire Chavis. Plus he probably wants a multi year contract. What about the comment our new coach said about being the best. Even cooches he says. If a coach is not the best we hire a new one. Oh wait, foot note, when his contract runs out.

I have been hopeful a 2m plus deal as highest paid assistant guaranteed over five years might be a reason.

But I’m not holding out hope a school that rarely pays near the top would be that bold. Ok, I will always hold out hope we would pay for the best I guess.

But to answer your question, I am not sure on paper why he would professionally leave Clemson and elite players for our job.

Hopeful there might be a reason whether personal or something to prove where he would have interest.

But professionally for him I don’t see it either.

Just don’t see him leaving a national contender to come to Arkansas, one would think that his next step would be at a Head Job…

Hey Dudley, where did you get the cartoon guy? You should have put up a picture of George Clooney.