Are we getting

a bad rap with the CWS. Told that by a doctor and not from the River Valley doctors. . Now is that remotely possibly? And yes I’m talking I talking about covid.

What do you mean? I don’t see how we (Razorbacks) are getting a bad rap from the CWS. We lost our super regional.

I mean they could have had covid at our place. It had not matured to the full state of covid. Just telling you what I was told. Did you notice that we didn’t swing the bat that bad all year?

My wife was a front line nurse. It came and went sometimes very quickly. A lot of people reacted much differently.

We probably would have gotten popped in testing.

I think we just got beat at one of the worst possible times.

I assume Franklin East tested when diagnosed with strep throat?

We swung the bat bad in the SECT and in the Regional before the Super. So yes, we had swung the bat that bad this year.


Are you trying to say we gave NC State COVID?

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Oh good grief. Stop it!



And here’s why:

cant read it because of my ad blocker…and not going to disable that

To sum it up:

• All of the NCAA Championships have a controlled environment for all Tier 1 personnel (players, coaches and staff)

• CWS teans had to have a negative PCR test within two days of arrival in Omaha. Anyone testing positive would quaratine until confirmed negative.

• Teams were tested every other day while on-site

:black_small_square: Players and other Tier 1 participants who are not vaccinated must continue to undergo testing at NCAA championships.

I thought we were not trained in how to make bat contact, now I realize it was just Covid.

That said, how about recruiting a new hitting coach.

thanks dudley

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