Are we done?

About what I expected. Going to a 4-3, with 10 or so linebackers on the roster, I didn’t know what we were going to do with all these lbs if they all came our way. We got Parker, who seems to be the pick of the litter.

We seemed to get equal offensive and defensive players in the class. We didn’t wind up with too many signees, therefore, we won’t have to face the unpleasant task of running some existing players off.

All in all, I think this class, while not great by any means, is a good outcome.

Maybe there is another David Williams type grad-transfer out there. Preferably along the OL, LB or Safety.

The JC DE is deciding Friday. No idea what our chances are against Jimbo, Petrino and Mullen, but we’ll see.

Not expecting any other possibilities besides Dorian Gerald.

I fully expect Arkansas try to sign at least two grad transfers. The Razorbacks need a OL (a center) a LB and maybe a DE, it depends on what D Gerald decides to do.

Is Gooden totally out of the picture? He seems to love Fayetteville and the Razorbacks.

I just looked at Gooden’s twitter feed and he has not posted anything on signing with anyone…still! Thought he was signing today? Very odd stuff going on with this young man.