Are we a top twenty job in eyes of coaches/country?

I’m not sure how we are seen anymore.

Many like me perhaps look through hog colored glasses like everyone should be in running for our job.

I think we are not a top job because top coaches want to be where you always have talent.

I think a top young coach waits to go where they have built in talent year after year vs having to work harder.

But we pay top twenty for a coach and decent for staff and play in high profile SEC.

I think Arkansas is capable to be seen a top twenty job, but don’t believe that top coaches see us as having enough of Admin business plan for success to otherwise lead someone to us vs a big.

James Franklin was a good coach at Vandy but a great coach at Penn State.


Attracts lots more talent than Vandy can dream in my view.

It can be done at a TCU and baylor even so why not us.

But I’m not sure we are seen as top twenty coaching position at the moment myself.

I’m not sure we were a Top 20 coaching position when BP was here, I wouldn’t have been shocked if he would have left a year later anyways.

Earlier this year there was talk of at least 6 openings in the SEC (add Florida). I think at least three are considered better jobs, plus you have some “BIG” schools in the ACC, B12, B10, PAC 12 that we’re at one point rumored to be looking this year. I’m not sure we would have been in Top 20 coaching jobs this year, just off the schools rumored at one point or another this year.

I think we are definitely a top 25, potentially a top 20.

Possibly top 20 because there is relatively low fan expectation. Great facilities, really stable financially, nice stadium and one of the best places to live in the country. I think it’s an appealing job, more so if it’s got the right price.

I can’t imagine we’d be. I’d think a coach wants to be at a place where he can win & be well paid. We do well on the second part of that, but I can think of 6 or so SEC programs who can pay as well or better & have better resources: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, T A&M, UGA, UF, & maybe Tenn. In the Big 10, there’d be OSU, PSU, & Mich. Probably Nebraska, too. In the Big 12 there’d be Texas & OU. In the Pac, there’d be USC, Oregon, probably UCLA. In the ACC you’d have FSU, Clemson (right now), VT, Miami.

I suppose we could take some of those out & add some others, but even though I only listed 19 teams, I think the thing that hurts us most is that we’re about the middle of the pack in the SEC for resources. That’d make some other lesser programs perhaps more attractive than we are.

Out west those folks don’t consider us as ever having running water! There’sa few options for us.
A young up and coming Head Coach
An offensive coordinantor from a program that beats us or defensive coordinator
Or a head coach with baggage.

Bobby Petrino was one with baggage!
I’d say Lane Keffin has lease baggage than Kiffin. I still don’t like him.

Right now we are not a top 20 job.
There was a time we were in my opinion top 15.

The SEC network kills our program the way they downgrade our teams. Our own newspaper treat our hogs with no respect.

As I said earlier this week, I think CBB stays. However, I was all in on Matt Campbell until Iowa St said 9.4 million buyout, along with Bret’s 5.8 that is a lot of money. Then I saw someone mention Tom Manning, their OC/OL Coach. That maybe more reasonable.

Ummm, hell no to Iowa St. OC. You go to the grocery store to buy grocery, not a snack.

Sometimes snacks are better for you

We have a lot to offer, but win-ability may not be one of them. It’s great to be in the SEC, but we’ve yet to prove we can win it. 0-for-25. We’ve been close a few times, but no cigar. We may be one of those programs coaches sing the praises of before finishing with, “But you can’t win there.” I hope we’re not in that category, but we may be.

I would think it is not a good idea to fire and then hire a new coach the same year FL, TN, A&M, and maybe AU are in the market for top coaches. If we get to 6/6 we wait. BTW, didn’t Miss. St. get to a bowl last year or maybe the year before at 5-7. They are looking good this year under Mullen.

LIttle Debbie snacks are always better for you… :smiley:

I do not think we are a top 20 job. What have we done in the
last 25 years that would warrant calling us a top 20 job?

Anyways, (in my opine), if you are not a top 20 job then you
are in the next category which is a “stepping stone” job. Now
as far as stepping stones, there is no way a coach would want
to try and use Arkansas as a stepping stone when you look at
the meat grinder of a schedule we play every year and then
there are the built in disadvantages of population base and lack
of good home base fertile recruiting.

So in my opine that would mean you have 3 types of coaches
we can attract here:

#1 The Dream Job coach - that coach that is from this area or
at one time was close to the program and wants nothing more
than the opportunity to come home and try to help.
(ie… A Gus Malzhan, Tommy Tubberville, etc)

#2 The Baggage Train coach - that coach that was a really good
coach but due to circumstance be it legal, image, or NCAA was
forced out of his previous job and still has an axe to grind to prove
he still has what it takes. That coach with a damaged rep.
(ie… A Lane Kiffen, Les Miles, Art Brilles etc)

#3 The Show me the Money coach - someone that realizes that
coming here could be a career killer due to the brutal nature of
the SEC but thinks it will be worth the chance for a big check.
All the while knowing if it doesn’t work, I’ll be getting “set for life”
money and can then do something like broadcasting or color
commentary. (no idea who would fit here)

As much as I love my hogs and always will for life, if I was looking
at it from a chance to be successful and a business opportunity,
then if I was to go to an SEC school during a year when Florida,
Tennessee, TAM, Arkansas, Ole Miss all might have vacancies. I
hate to admit it but the order of better jobs would be exactly as
how I listed them. Florida 1st and Arkansas 4th, with Ole Miss last.

Lol. You and your admin business plan mantra.

Yes I probably wheel that out too much.

But I still contend we need a much better business plan with objective of being a national contender - if that is even an objective of our program.

Doing the same thing we have done these last twenty five years is not working 75 percent of the time.

I think there is room for major improvement if our objective is to be a national contender.

We have an administration that has trouble handing out hot dogs and cokes to long lines at a ball game, and a product on the field that for majority of last twenty five years has been close to bottom half.

If I’m a great up and comer coach with options to go coach a big with lots of recruiting resources and better chances to win, I only consider Arkansas if there is truly an Admin plan to win - one that overcomes known deficiencies that other bigs don’t have.

I just don’t think doing same thing over and over and hoping that we become a national contender is going to work - as evidenced by last 25 years.

Some businesses need invest much more in strategy and r and d and compensation for key divisions and accountability to reach an objective. Even if our competition does not have to do so.

I hope our objective is to be at the top nationally but I honestly don’t know what our objectives are for the program. And whether there is any plan to get there.

17th highest payed in fbs

How is Mississippi State doing it. They have been competitive since Dan Mullin has been there. there resources can’t compare to ours.

Do you seriously think they dont have a plan? Do you think they are working off an old yellowed envelope that JFB scribbled on in 1962?

One of the most important aspects of a plan is it be realistic and achievable. The unfortunate truth in relation to Arkansas is we don’t have the innate advantages that many schools have. We will have a flash now and then, but in the modern era of football, we are not a contender in any way, shape or form. If JFB had not put us in the SEC, we would be a complete afterthought, period. In fact, the SEC is a brutal double edged sword for us. We have recognition because we are in the SEC, but we don’t compete because we are in the SEC.

No business plan is going to make us a national contender on a regular basis. To think so is simply insane.

I know we dont want to believe it. We have all been raised to believe if you work hard, you can have whatever you want. That’s BS. The simple truth in life is there are a heck of a lot more losers than their are winners. We have to make our peace with being second tier.

Mind you, this is my all so humble opinion.

I still love my Hogs and will root and pray for them to get there. I just have my doubts I will see it in my lifetime.

Well, they are an Adidas school. Ask Cecil

Not now, but we should be.

There was an article several years ago about our program. The football team was a historical Top 25 (I think they were 19th at the time), the basketball program was listed at 8th all time (they’ve actually fallen since then), the baseball team was just outside the Top 25 (I think they’re in now), and track was #1 (Not sure they’re still 1st, but they’re still Top 5). Would love to get back there in all sports.