Are we a lock for hosting a super yet?

Or must we at least tie MSU for the west ?

We are still pretty much a lock for a top 8 seed unless we we fall flat and get swept next week

Might still be one anyway

Boyd’s World says (sort of) we’ve clinched top 8 RPI. Not so sure about that; I think we need one win at TAM. I don’t want to have to find out if he’s right. RPI is not everything in the seeding decision; East Carolina might not be a super host in spite of top-5 RPI because the AAC is pretty weak, and Georgia is borderline as a host in spite of #4 RPI. But it doesn’t hurt.

The top eight seeds are so competitive that I don’t think many - maybe one or two - are ever locked up until selection day.

I think the Hogs need one win at A&M and one win in the SEC tournament. If that happens, they’ll be a top eight seed. But, you also know that there are so many variables. All it takes to stay in the top eight is for two or three other teams to struggle at the end. Then, it won’t take much to be a national seed.