Are these transfers making official visits?

While school is shut down? Or are they signing “sight unseen” to play for these schools they are transfering to?

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Sight unseen. Dead period has been extended until May 31. No visits until it’s lifted.

Schools are doing virtual visits with kids.

Richard, have you seen the virtual presentations they are using for the recruits? Or is each one tailored by individual?

Have not but I would assume they pretty do the same as an on-campus where they show the facilities, breakdown a kid’s game and show how they can help them. One would think the coaches introduce themselves to the kid and give some background. Much more in-depth I’m sure but that’s a few things they would hit on.

There is plenty of time for the video crews to do some really nice virtual tours. Unlimited time, actually. These folks would normally be producing games for the baseball and softball teams for SEC Plus.

Outstanding, and very interesting Dudley. Michael was very detailed in his description of how our virtual tour presentation works. Probably gets that very detailed approach from his Dad. It was interesting that he contacted a couple of football programs about their virtual programs to get ideas.

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