Are these Coaches a Possibility?

He is a white guy. Just has a nice tan

I’m jealous, I could use that.

This is Matt’s dad

Yeah, that’s pretty white

Not even passive-aggressive. My way or the highway.

Purely a guess but I think HY makes a run at Matt Campbell. If that doesn’t pan out he’ll wait until after next weeks championship games next week to see how those three shake out. ( I really think Kiffin and Norvell will have better options) Butch would be his fall back option. I can’t see Leach as an option after his presser on Friday.

Personally, I’d go get Butch and get started recruiting staff and player.

Pep Hamilton is a little busy. He’s a general manager for one of the new XFL teams. He’s trying to help get a new sports franchise in a new sports league off the ground (he’s also the HC). I doubt he is interested in being an OC at this time. Give it a year or two to see if the XFL works or not and then he might be interested.

Exact same issue as Bob Stoops

Matt Campbell is not African American. If you’re going to keep playing the race card, at least play it right.

By the way, less than 10% of FBS head coaches during the 2019 season were black, and at least three of those have already been fired (Willie Taggart at FSU, Charlie Strong at USF and Frank Wilson at UTSA).

Is this a serious post? I seriously can’t tell

Since our friend is going to continue playing the race card, I decided to do a little research on Power 5 schools that have had an African American head coach. If I miss anyone, feel free to add/correct.

In the SEC: Vandy (two of them), Moo U (Sylvester Croom) and TAM (Sumlin). None of the other 11 have had a fulltime black head coach. However, Charlie Strong and Randy Shannon have both been IHC at Florida.

Big 12: Texas, OU (John Blake way back when), Kansas, K-State, Okie State

Pac-12: Stanford, Oregon, Colorado, Oregon State (interim), Washington, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State,

Big Ten: Illinois, Maryland, Penn State, Northwestern, Michigan State

ACC: Syracuse, Miami, UNC (One year interim), Wake Forest, Florida State,Virginia

Independents: Notre Dame.

(Note: Navy and BYU currently have Polynesian HCs, Nevada’s Jay Norvell identifies as Native American. Minorities, but not black)

Point of this list is that there are a lot of schools in the Power 5 that have never had a black head coach. Which is unfortunate but we’re certainly not alone. I would argue that at this time, we need to worry more about getting the hire right than getting the skin tone right. If the right guy is black, great.

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When you won’t consider the merits of an individual above their past of pigmentation or ethnic background that’s blatant racism–which is a direct violation of the WholeHogSports terms of service.

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• contains vulgar, profane, abusive or hateful language, epithets or slurs, text or illustrations in poor taste, or makes inflammatory attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature, or expressions of bigotry, racism, discrimination or hate.
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Since racism/bigotry of any ilk is offensive, it also violates the Discourse (the forum software) terms.

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I’m sure this site and its leaders are always open to free speech and the marketplace of ideas, but these prohibitions against offensive content on websites is so ubiquitous that it seems to encourage censorship. Until one realizes that websites are ultimately private enterprises, not governmental entities, that are allowed to run their sites on their own terms. Personally, I think many are offended way too easily, and I want to hear what everyone thinks, otherwise how do we know how to deal with such people, and that is probably why your posts are still up. But your assumptions that HY, and ALL the powers that be does or doesn’t look at race before the merits of an individual is, to me, beyond the pale. Just my opinion.

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If Kiffin is the guy there’s a good chance his DC would be AA
Randy Shannon

You’re aware that Randy is at UCF now, not FAU right?

Kiffin’s current DC is Glenn Spencer, who was DC at Okie Lite from 2008-2017. Presumably he would still have recruiting connections in Texas, since Okie Lite recruiters seem to spend most of their time south of the Red River.

How many Hispanic Or Asian Head Coaches are there? Since we going down that road. Good grief HY is looking for the best man for the job not the one with the best color.
Don’t need to go back to far to see the respect AA Coaches get here at AR. Even after Nolan’s remarks about racism playing a factor in his salary and him practically begging to be fired (which he was). That man still recieves as much love as any in this state and rightfully so and got a BB court named after him.

Hispanics: Manny Diaz at Miami. Mario Cristobal at Oregon. Justin Fuente at VTech (his great-grandfather emigrated from Spain).

No Asians, but two Polynesians as I noted above.

I was just regurgitating something I had read.
Serves me right for not doing due diligence.

I had actually saw the same thing in another board, if Kiffin came, Shannon or Strong would come with him

And I know Shannon has promised a recruit and his family that he will be at UCF next year

I would love to know what I posted that was worthy of being flagged and removed?

I’m just curious how you know he didn’t call Shaw or any other AA coach?

You are making a lot of assumptions because it fits your agenda.

You do remember the UA was the first school in the Deep South to hire an AA head basketball coach don’t you?
And has since hired two more after that?

I think your anger would be better directed elsewhere.