Are these Coaches a Possibility?

Rhule 5.00*
Campbell 4.75*
Fickell 4.75*
Fuente 4.50*
Kiffin 4.50*
Drinkwitz 4.25*

After the hosing by the refs and our ultimately humiliating loss today, are any of these guys even a possibility? How high a probability?

I’m afraid we pass on Drinkwitz because we don’t hire coaches with his level of experience and it will come back to haunt us. Timing seems to always get us on guys from Arkansas. Bryant, Johnson, Switzer, Malzahn, Tuberville.

The guy on that list that I want is the one who has proven himself capable of doing more with less, period. WPS

No one knows who is available but my guess is that Fuente and Drinkwitz would be. Just a guess but I do not think that Rhule would be available. Not sure if Kiffin Fickell or Campbell are available. How much they are willing to pay and what type of buyout they are willing to give will impact whether they are interested or not.

Fuente does not overly excite me but he has a proven track record and he has regional ties being from Tulsa. He is also following a legend at VT and is probably under a little heat after that loss yesterday. I think he fits what they are looking for and I think he would be interested. He just does not excite me.

Campbell looks to me to be the best hire of all. He does not have any character flaws and has the experience they are looking for. I think he is the best option if he is interested.

I am just going to put this out there. I would LOVE to have Campbell or Rhule, but I do not see any reason they would choose Arkansas. I think we need to take a step back and realize that this program is not that attractive any more. It used to be, but not now. Why would a coach like those two come to Arkansas when there are probably going to be much better options with equally great facilities, money, less competition, better recruiting, and less in need of an overhaul? We all know the dominoes will start to fall this week. We know FSU is open, but will OU also be open? Michigan? Others? I hope HY can recruit a great coach like one of these guys and maybe there is something I am not seeing. I just have this feeling that those guys will have much better options than the dumpster fire we are in. So, in my mind, we will have to get another up and comer who is not proven on the big stage again, an older retread coach that needs to reinvent himself, or someone that has a passion for Arkansas. Sorry if I offend anyone, but our beloved program has a lot of negatives that may out weigh the positives for a top tier coach to choose us.

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Truth hurts sometimes be we are at a very low point there’s no denying the facts. I’m beginning to think its someone like Drinkwitz simply because from where I’m sitting it looks like career suicide unless your known for your rebuilding skills and looking for a new challenge. The only draw I see at this time is backing up the brinks truck and unloading it at the bank of their choice. We were once a proud program and can be again but it will take money,time, luck and the right coach. WPS

Mark it down…if this sad University does not contact an African-American for this job, it should be sued…all those coaches listed hasn’t won anything…and wouldn’t appear to win there. It all started with a temporary AD hiring a football coach with a losing record. Charlie Strong was floated…why? This school will never win if it keeps looking at great white hopes. HY will hire one of them and his records will be .500. Why play for a school and you don’t see someone like you in the top three positions. Look at the other SEC school and they have had at least one in the last five years…thanks Bobby Petrino for giving coaches of color a coordinator position…and were those not the good ole days? HY, take the blinders off or just accept .500 season for decades. Can they do any worst than what’s been done these last six seasons?

I doubt if anyone can do any worse but it can always be worse. Most of these remarks are off target and do not convey reality of the past or the present. There have been comments about hiring the best available coach—that conversation has included the Stanford coach. But as you well know, we are paying a lot of money for coaches not here that are responsible for the mess we are in. HY has correctly stated this is the most important hire because football defines the rest of the athletic program financially and support of the fan base in general. At the end of the process, it will come down to what are HY’s options , not who he wants or even what the money would be like.

You have completely missed my point…how can a makeshift list not include an African-American coach? But that’s the history of this school. Yesterday, I saw Missouri defensive coordinator more than their head coach…didn’t see chief not once. Because he never should have been hired. Why was he hired? Because of his hue and not his championship defense…you know…the one that cost Sumlin his job. But you know everything…who are you gonna choose?

Pretty sure Matt Campbell is African American.

Not that race matters at all, stupid posts btw.


Race has nothing to do with this. I say this as someone who defended Richardson and Anderson till the end of their tenure here. It’s about fit for our university and state. I couldn’t care less what their skin color is and you shouldn’t either. Getting the job done is all that matters.


I don’t consider what their skin color is when I look at coaches or personal coaches or trainers. You might want to think of that before you choose to scream racism behind every decision. Racism is ugly and sad that it still colors so much of hiring anywhere at any time. Personally, I find it being used way too often as a club and all that does is solidify divisiveness. Jfuture seems to see everything through race colored glasses. I find it offensive.
I know we HAVE to have racial diversity in our coaching ranks at Arkansas or any University(unless it is a Black University)and that is and has been perpetuated by intense necessity or it would be thrown up as a strong negative by competing schools. This reality is racism at any level. If we applied that thinking equally across all sports teams just imagine the changes. We might should apply it to graduate schools, med schools, law schools, and any professional activity. Content of character and competence should be
the final arbiter. Sorry for the rant, but this is still another reason to have the capability
to “Ignore” posters that are annoying, stuck on stupid, or like beat dead horses ad infinatum.


I think the coaches at Stanford or Utah would be a fantastic hire if we could entice either of them to move and take up the challenge here at Arkansas. I don’t care what their race
or religion or ethnicity is as long as they take Arkansas back to the top ten levels.

Basketball faced a huge risk when MA was fired. I remember the initial resistance to Muss. Today, these critics have been silenced. Game play has been good (the defense has been great) and Muss flipped 4 Arkansas 4*’s for a top 5 recruiting class.

I think that HY will get us another very good coach. So far, Miss has been a home run hire. I see no reason that our new football coach will not be a good one.

David Shaw would not come here regardless of the sum paid to him. Charlie strong may lose his own job at south Florida. I don’t care as long as the man can recruit and coach. Problem I see is there isn’t anyone that fits that position available period, regardless of color. Very few have rebuilt programs.

Throw some realistic names and we can talk. Mel Tucker has only one year in at Colorado. Other than him I cannot think of anyone else.

The problem is that there are so few African American football coaches out there that you would want to hire. It is not true in basketball but it is in football. Just facts whether we like it or not!

No one is getting sued. This hire is to find the best coach available regardless of race, religion, nationality, or gender, not an effort to fill any quotas. Let’s focus on finding & hiring the best coach available for this team.

As far as I can tell Matt Campbell is Caucasian with a little bit of a tan. There were 13 black HCs starting the season (Taggart already fired at FSU):

Dino Babers, Syracuse
Tommy Hammock, Northern Illinois
Herm Edwards, AZState
James Franklin, Penn State
Mike Locksley, Maryland
Derek Mason, Vandy
David Shaw, Stanford
Lovie Smith, Illinois
Charlie Strong, USF
Kevin Sumlin, AZ
Mel Tucker, Colorado
Frank Wilson, UT-San Antonio

Same list I found

If he’s full Caucasian, he’s the darkest/most tan Caucasian I’ve ever seen. I’ve always assumed he was mixed AA/Caucasian, but maybe he’s just tan.