Are there any graduate transfer QB's out there?

Maybe someone at a top spread program who would like a shot a playing more during their senior year? They might have a leg up on our in house QB’s who are making the change to the new system. What about Shea Patterson from Ole Miss? Michigan thinks they have him locked up but would he consider Arkansas? I think he has immediate eligibility because of their sanctions.

He would fit chads system much better than the scam of a coach in Michigan!

After posting the OP, I read somewhere that Ole Miss restricts his transfer to anyone they aren’t going to play on their schedule so that leaves us out.

They revised that, they now can transfer to any SEC school or other opponents they would have on their schedule.

They caught a lot of backlash for the restrictions, thus they dropped them.

He has to sit a year because he will only be a junior in 2018. The NCAA has ruled only players who will be seniors in 2018 can transfer with immediate eligibility. … _rest.html

Of all the things we need in recruiting, a graduate transfer QB is probably next to last, just in front of immediate help at TE. I don’t understand how any one can dismiss the QBs on the roster now before the first day of spring practice. There is absolutely no way to know now whether one of the guys on the roster now can be the starter until the coaching staff sees them on the field running their system. A grad transfer is unlikely to do any better than one of the holdovers, and wastes a scholarship that is badly needed elsewhere to let CM start shaping the roster.

I get bringing in two freshmen at QB, but a grad transfer or JC guy makes no sense at all.

It makes sense if the graduate transfer spent last year running some version of this offense (instead of the pro style that the on campus guys have been running) and appears better than the QB’s on hand. Just like a JC recruit. He has to bring something you don’t already have and be ready to go right away.

Jordan Ta’amu

He was a 3star recruit but I think he may have been under-rated.

Didn’ tall of our QB’s play in the spread in HS. That was what supposedly slowed their development In CBB’s system.