Are the players playing

with the fire, energy, and passion of some the best Hog teams?

The passion HAD to be questioned in the 2nd half collapses last year. Has this carried over to this year?

Santos is the only one that stands out to me as playing with passion. He’s slowly becoming my favorite on the team, and he was at the bottom of the list before this year.

I recently rewatched an old game with Dmac in his sophomore year. I would love to see players play with his emotion and passion. I’ve never as long as I’ve been a hog fan, see someone care so much and show so much will to succeed in the razorback red.

We need 22 starters wth this passion.

Interesting you ask that.

I noted early in the game Saturday that we were lacking urgency, or … something.

We made a bad mental decision to run the ball out of the end zone. Then had a penalty. Then had our best receiver drop a perfect ball on first play.

And all day long when we made defensive substitutions, it seemed like the player coming out of the game was just walking in mud.

Everything about the day felt off.

Simple answer is no.

No fire, no intensity, no sense of urgency, no guts and no pride.

Teams take on the demeanor of their coach. Bielema has lost his fire. Nice looking wife, new baby girl, 4.5 mil salary and 15 mil buyout = no worries.

The announcers noticed that and said it was actually a tactic by CBB to help slow down the offense. The officials will hold up the offense when they substitute so the defense has time to also sub, and they have to wait to give defensive players leaving the field time to get off. So, that part may not be a passion issue as much as a strategy to slow things down.