Are the Hogs too soft?


I ask because for the life of me, I just can’t comprehend allowing a 90 yard punt return for failing to play through the whistle. This is something we’re taught in pee-wee football. The Mean Green must have seen softness by us in their film study resulting in their “trick” play and having the guts to call it in the shadows of their goal post.

I ask because I don’t see any physical play be either line, by the rbs, receivers or anyone on defense.

I ask because of our history of folding with a lead.

I ask because I don’t see much fight in this team.

I fully understand the lack of talent and a new coaching staff. Got it. But football is football and it’s meant to be a physical sport. Finesse generally will lose out to the more physical team.

We may not have the talent. We may be changing how we do business with a new coaching staff. But we can at least see pride, effort and physical play.



And coaching staff and team looked uninspired as well.

Yes and it’s been a problem for awhile… a big part of defense is toughness and our defense was the worst in the SEC last year. Running the football is about toughness and this team can’t do it and the last couple of teams could not run against good defenses.

Lack of physical and mental toughness has been and continues to be the calling card of Razorback football.