Are Kansas, Louisville, & NCState run by idiots..................................

…that are now suing the three Adidas clowns who have been convicted of fraud for funneling money to top athletes to get them to go to these three institutions? The schools now claim they were damaged by these three. Do they really want those three individuals, who are on the way to prison with nothing to lose, testifying under oath how long that system was going on, generating huge income from the success these top athletes created for those schools, and, most importantly, testifying who and how much the people at these schools knew about it??? This is about the dumbest political stunt I ever heard of. Those suits will be dropped like a hot potato in no time. They will NEVER go to trial. JMVVVVVHO

Here’s another thing to consider. What if you’re not one of those schools, but another who also has similar issues that has - so far - flown under the radar? How nervous would you be if you knew these defendants were going to “tell all” and air your dirty laundry too?

A lot of concerned folks out there right now.

Very good point!

Well, In my opinion the idiot in Kansas is the A D

As I posted in a separate thread, there are two different things going on here. There’s the criminal thing through the FBI, and there’s whatever the NCAA does with that info.

The FBI is proceeding under the assumption that the shoe company shenanigans are defrauding the schools. That’s the legal basis for why they’re investigating, that’s why Gatto and Code and Dawkins are now going to jail. Under that premise, KU, NCSU, etc. are entirely justified in asserting in federal court – agreeing with the FBI – that they were damaged. None of which changes anything with the NCAA. To the NCAA, the schools are responsible for what their coaches do.

And, pghawg, what those schools claim in court in this circumstance is way over the AD’s pay grade. That’s the university legal department, answering directly to the president or chancellor and to the boards of trustees. Jeff Long, Debbie Yow in Raleigh and Vince Tyra in Kentucky are not making these decisions.