Are fans allowed to bring water into the stadium

This week? Anybody heard?

Never been allowed to bring food or drink into stadium. They will gladly sell you a bottle of water though.
They may allow an empty water bottle to be brought in and then you can fill it at water fountain.

Pretty sure you can bring in an empty clear plastic water bottle, or that’s been allowed in the past.

Water bottles have been allowed in the past for these hot-weather games. I have a message in asking if that will be the case Saturday.

Thanks Matt. In the past, they have made such an announcement during extremely hot weather. I haven’t seen it this week.

They have already said you can bring in an empty clear plastic water bottle and there will be refill stations in the stadium, at least in the lower bowl. This was in the essential game day info e-mail that went out yesterday, and I assume there will be further announcements for the general public as we get closer to game day.

They did this a couple of years ago when we had extremely hot weather for a game.


The UA confirms: clear plastic, emtpy water bottles will be allowed inside the stadium.

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