Are Boyd and Gerald here yet?

we keep they are going to be but unless i missed it I have not seen they ARE here yet…today is weigh in day will they be there??

Both are on campus but neither has been cleared yet.

Can’t see either helping the team very much this season. They can’t be in very good condition.

I tend to agree with you. Regardless of whether they are in good condition, they haven’t spent much time at all in team activities, voluntary or otherwise. Typically those players have a hard time breaking into the lineup much.

If they are as advertised, they’ll work into the line-up quickly.

its ridiculous how long it takes for things like this…we need both of these guys be Big time players and it looks like they aren’t even going to make the 1st practice!!

Maybe you’re right, but I’m just always leery of expecting much from players who haven’t had a lot of time in the program.

Gerald is a monster pass rusher and he’ll be on the field with Sosa and Ramsey plenty!

It took Tretola a game or so to work into the line-up, if as advertised, they’ll play by the second game.Gerald may be limited in his packages, just as Boyd will, but 30 days is enough to show if they can contribute.

I am not too worried about it since we have tons of depth at RB, and we are ok at DE.

Man, I sure can.

But regardless of what you and I think - Coaches Chavis, Caldwell and Traylor all said Monday they expect those two guys to play and play significantly.

If they can add speed, they will play.

Saw elsewhere they have been cleared and will practice today.

Rakeem Boyd was practicing today.

great! now we got to Gerald out there.

Coach Morris said that he expects Dorian to practice very soon and he had to just finish up paperwork.

So he is not technically cleared until that is done.

Gerald is practicing today according to the razorbackfb IG account.