Are Any of our Pitchers "Hitters" Too

Perhaps, I’ve said this in the more typical opposite circumstance. It seems like every year I see a LSU, Florida or Oregon State pull a left fielder or third baseman to come in and pitch…in what often seems like a terribly pressure packed situation and they pitch a gem of an inning or two.

I haven’t noticed, at least recently that we have a pitcher who is a fair hitter or even the reverse when a routine position player can come in and pitch.

Do we have such?

Connor Noland can Hit! I thought he was asked about hitting early on and he was more concerned with pitching. Also it would compound the work he would put in playing football too. But yes Noland can hit!
As far as a position player being able to pitch I’m not sure. I would imagine Casey Martin and Jack Kenley pitched in high school and probably many others.
I think when you bring a position player into the game to pitch your DH becomes the position player and the DH spot is essentially erased. Everyone in the game is hitting.

You’re right about losing the DH spot. Kole Ramage ended up hitting late in a game last season and actually hit a single, but I think that was because we had lost the DH spot when Evan Lee came in from the field to pitch. Lee was a two way player. So was Bryce Bonnin last year. Cody Scroggins started out as a short stop, so I’d imagine he can hit as well.

As far as starting position players this year, I don’t think you will see any of them come out of the field to pitch this season. If you do, then the game must be going VERY badly for us.

I heard Nolan can swing the stick well

I think if the game had extended last night we would have seen this. Washington pinch ran for the DH and then went into left field. So Kjerstad’s spot in the order would have been filled by the pitcher

That’s right. I forgot you lose the DH spot in that instance. I’m not sure Cronin or Vermillion profile as a 2 hole hitter, so I’m glad it didn’t come to that!

Although Vermillion looks like he could crush one if he could get squared up on it.

Elijah Trest can do both. He is a pitcher, but I’ve seen him show a lot of power when he bats.

Yes, you would lose the DH in that circumstance. But, if a pitcher is the designated DH, he can continue to bat once he is no longer pitching. (That happened with Evan Lee last year.)
Did I really just write designated designated hitter? :roll:

Others have already spoken to the current team with more info than I would have had. But, over the years, we’ve had our share of players who both hit and pitched.

Going back about a decade, both Bret Eibner and Zack Cox pitched and were very good hitters for the Razorbacks (both also played positions in the field other than pitcher, too). Even Lee is a recent example. Josh Alberius was an infielder to converted to pitcher. Michael Gunn was another, though he didn’t play a great deal.