Are all the weekend games sold out?

We started looking for tickets for several different SEC weekend series (Florida, Auburn and UGA, those are the only weekends we can come up) and all I am seeing is Hog Pen. By the way I posted in the ticket exchange if anyone has tickets for sale for any of those games!

From what I was told, all of the chair-back seats sold through season ticket packages this year. There were over 7,000 season tickets sold.

Wow. Great for the Hogs, bad for me!

Well there are a little over 8000 chair back seats, so they didn’t offer them all as season tickets.

I believe they hold back a small number that go on sale shortly before each series, perhaps even day of game.

Last time I checked (which was when my son was a student, 2009-2014) there was a small area of chairback seats reserved for students, I think on the third base side. It isn’t much, maybe 100 seats or so. I suspect the students may tend to hang out in the Hog Pen anyway.

There are several hundred not sold that go to parents and scouts. They are good seats, too.

I’ve gone up several times without a ticket & found a decent seat. Admittedly, I’ve gone alone some of those times & didn’t need 2-3 seats together, but there aren’t many games that are so packed you can’t find a place to sit. Often can buy a couple of tickets outside the stadium from fans who have extras.

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I think that is what we are going to have to do. We most likely won’t get to sit all together, but that isn’t a big deal.

BW is very friendly for standing & watching, too. A whole lot of people who have seats are in the concourse.

Unless you happen to attend a really big game, you’re likely to find a couple of seats together. Might have to be well down the baseline, but you can find them.

Show up 1 1/2-2 hours before the game, there is usually a guy at the crosswalk who has two hands full of tickets, some behind home plate. If he isn’t there, hit up the tailgaters across the street from the ticket office, they’ll have some, too.


If $ aren’t an issue, there are lots of chair seats for sale on stubhub. The FL series is a tough ticket, but the other 2 have lots of good seats available. Depending on how good you want, they will be 2 to 10 times over face value.

I know I’m slow but got confused by your post until I realized that BW could be Bud Walton or Baum Walker.

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I didn’t think about the ambiguity when I typed that, but like Marty said, this is the baseball forum & the OP was about sellouts for weekend series.

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Go to TickPick. You do not pay any fees (the seller does). We went on there and bought tickets to every game that we planned on going to before they went up too high. There are still plenty of seats on there.

The fees are figured in it either way, lol, you aren’t saving any money.

Well, lol, I got them a whole lot cheaper on TickPick than any of them on stubhub, so there’s that.

Well, I looked to compare Bama Friday night tickets, and the same seats on Tickpick were $92 higher than Stubhub, same row, everything. Now, I will agree that tickets very from site to site, even in the same section and row. I bought ND tickets, not sure I’ll get the 8 I need from the ticket office, from Vivid, they were $60 cheaper than Stubhub. I’ve bought from both before, so I know what there usual fees are.