Are all the freshmen on campus now?

Thought I read that last week. any word on how they look, offseason workouts, etc.

How about the juco DL, Williams I think? he wasn’t in the football preview mag, is he on campus?


Williams went through spring practice, he ran third string, at best.

Jalen Williams battled an injury in the spring, I believe. I remember Zach Williams telling us that in an interview he did the week of the spring game.

I’m kinda glad to hear that, as he was expected to be a contributor. although after reading the FB preview mag, I’m cautiously optimistic that we are going to have a real SEC DL this year. first time since CBMFP ran into the ditch, if it turns out to be true.

Maybe I should raise my prediction for season wins from 6-7 , up to 7-8??? Nah, I won’t do that again. for the 52nd year in a row. I won’t. I won’t…


He might have, but he never got on the field until the 3rd string in the scrimmages. Hopefully he continues to develop and provide much needed depth.

I’m still waiting for my Hawgs Illustrated football preview addition…hope it isn’t lost in the mail.

All were supposed to be on campus yesterday minus Chase Lowery, who’s expected today.

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