Ara Parseghian and Al Michaels

… are calling the game.
Kevin Scanlon (SR)
Gary Anderson (FR)
Roland Sales (SR)
Robert Farrell (SR)
Bobby Duckworth (JR)

Now there are some names from the past.

I watched part of the game (it is recorded, so I’ll watch the rest later), and my first impression of the group above . . . were Duckworth and Donnie Bobo the same person? In my mind, every recollection I have of them is the same - long, lean, athletic and fast WR . . . who dropped about every bomb thrown their way.

In the game last night (the 1979 Texas game), Jones threw a perfect pass 50+ yards and hit Duckworth in stride as he passed the Texas defender - and it went right through his hands.

A week or two ago, I was watching the 1978 and the same thing happened on the first play of the game - Calcagni threw a perfect bomb that he dropped. I also remember in a game against the Aggies - I believe 1976 - same thing happened with Bobo. Seemed like for years we had WR that couldn’t catch the deep ball.

Another thought - for those too young to have seen Gary Anderson play, this game showed you a little of why we “olders” thought so much of him. His TD run was a thing of beauty!

Finally - for that favorite off-season topic . . . uniforms/colors . . . it was easy to see that those 1979 unis were darker than what we wear today - very much the same shade as Bama wears. Some will remember that when we wore the throwbacks in 2014, there were complaints that they were “too dark”. Viewing the 1979 game should demonstrate that the color of red we wore back then WAS darker.

I assume from the names this was the 1979 Texas game? I have never seen the broadcast! I was at the game. I ended up sitting in the corner of the North endzone. Still one of my favorite memories. The girl who was with me still makes fun of me to this day about how loud I yelled and I apparently was beating my Hog Hat on the bleachers at times. :slight_smile:

Wiz, around the team at that time, we referred to Duckworth as Dropsworth. It was obvious even then. Bobby was very fast and very athletic but the hands were iffy.

Yes, our unis in the Holtz era were at least crimson, edging toward maroon.

  • ● Gary Anderson was so much fun to watch!
  • ● Another fun player to watch played late in the game: Billy Ray Smith Jr. was a freshman.
  • ● The crowd shots were great. At one point they showed a young Bill and Hillary Clinton, but they were quickly obscured by some graphics.
  • ● We still do many of the same cheers.
  • ● Mascot costumes have improved greatly.
  • ● As a coach, was Holtz ever still?

I meant to mention that, but forgot. It was just a simple crowd shot, after one of the plays we ran on offense. No graphic or mention that he was the Governor of Arkansas. Just a young (33) Clinton in a red and white striped polo, standing up and leaning on the seat in front of him, gazing intently at the action on the field. As you mention, Marty, when he sat down next to an equally young Hillary, they were both quickly obscured (mostly) by a graphic pimping some upcoming show.

I was fortunate to be at that '79 game as well. I watched the replay of the game and some of my observations are as follows:

  1. Were the audio telecasts back then really as bad as it sounds today? You kind of expect the clarity of the picture not to be as good, but the audio was really muffled.
  2. Gary Anderson was FAST! Sometimes you wonder if how you remember things from years ago is how they really were. After seeing GA turn on the jets in that replay, I will swear he’s faster than anyone on our present football team.
  3. The cheerleaders’ pom-poms were HUGE!
  4. Parseghian’s commentary was – most of the time – unnecessary and he came off like Captain Obvious with many of his statements.
  5. I had forgotten how short the uprights on the goal posts were.
  6. I hadn’t forgotten how much I hate Texass. Seeing those Longhorn uniforms, hearing that band of theirs with the damn cowbells – it all still raises my blood pressure!

I got engaged to Mrs. Buzzard the night before that game, and we were in the South End Zone the next day. Quite a weekend.

Speaking of Gary Anderson, the '81 game (which was shown later on) really showcased his talent. That was a fun game to see.

I actually recorded the '81 game and I’m going to watch it tonight. I can’t wait!

They showed the crowd a lot back then, l liked it

Forgot that BR Smith was a bad a the minute he stepped on campus

Had forgotten about Tom Jones and Brad Taylor

Our stadium held 44k. Wow

We beat Texas twice in 3 years.sweet.

Gary Lightening Anderson was kind of a 70’s version of Lance Alworth. What a player! Thanks for confirming what I have long suspected Wiz. Our cardinal has really brightened up over the years.

I remember one of his nicknames was Duckbutter.