AR women vs. Tarelton State

I seriously doubt there is any kind of TV coverage, but thought I’d ask anyway. I may go to game if I can’t watch it on my computer screen. Will look for a ticket outside the gate. The women s/b entertaining again this year.

It will be on SEC Network+ like the men’s game was last night.

Great1 Thanks. I got the best reception I have ever gotten last night. A buddy who lives in Benton said his reception was really poor. MANY stoppages of the stream. I have had those problems often in the past here in NWA, but last nice was smooth! Crossing my fingers.

I was trying to watch from my hotel room in the other Fayetteville. I’ve had WiFi problems here before (my employer keeps putting me in the same hotel here) but last night was particularly bad. I gave up from midway through the first half to midway through the second. Surprisingly my phone did better than my laptop.

crazy thing…cant watch it on my laptop…but viewing it on my phone…same password same tv provider…go figure

The opposite for me.

I could watch it on tv but not on my iphone (ESPN app).

Watched the women on my phone early and it was fine. Next event is the soccer game but I’ll be home by then.

I got the ESPN app installed by a techie, got video but no audio. Yesterday I discovered my ESPN app has disappeared! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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