Ar. vs. Ms. high school football

Watching the commitments happening, I am curious about the number of D1 recruits coming out of the two states that have almost identical populations but Ms. having what looks like more than triple the number of D1 recruits when in basketball there appears to be no difference between them?

Arkansas AA population is around 15.5%, Mississippi is 38%. … /PST045218

Key stat:

Arkansas- 15.7% African American

Mississippi- 37.8% African American

I had a coach who had been at Southern Miss for many years explain it another way. Southern Miss, Ole Miss and Miss State are all DI schools. Any player they take becomes a DI signee that counts in the Mississippi list of DI signees. The state of Arkansas has only one DI school. If there were three DI schools in Arkansas, the number of DI signees would immediately triple.

I also understand some of the other explanations here. And, I do think Mississippi might have more talent than Arkansas. But the numbers match the number of DI schools, too.

“Arkansas only has one D1 school”…Clay Henry with the Ark. St. burn…as the kids say today…“Throwing Shade”!

It’s a fact, man. I love facts.

Years ago, I used to listen to a Nashville radio station and the sportscaster said often that Mississippi had the highest ratio of citizens to DV1 signees. Having 3 Div1 schools and a relative small population, the number make sense.

There are talented football players in Mississippi than there is Arkansas.

It’s just that simple no matter how many sign with in-state Division I schools or not.

I just did a Top 20 of 2020 for our magazine.

There is just not a lot getting D-I interest and certainly not many getting Power 5 interest.

There are three division 1 schools in Arkansas: UA, ASU, and UAPB (UAPB is I-AA or FCS, but that still is considered division 1, albeit the lower half thereof). ASU is in-between UAPB and UA (ASU a D1 mid-major or non-P5 FBS). Last season, UA played about as well as a mid-major team. I am glad UA didn’t play ASU last year.

By that rationale, Mississippi has 6 Division schools

UCA is an FCS program, just like UAPB.