AR vs MO Game Thread

Let’s Go Hogs

No defense and they can’t make a shot. No driving to the hole.

Well, we can say they are consistent at least

They’re on pace to score 68 points for the game, we are on pace for 24. WTH

Sigh… I think I’ve seen this movie before.

Time for a run. We’re forcing TO’s & getting it inside to Big Dan.

Every time we get something going. Man

22.2% FG
14.3% 3’s
Not good!!

Is anyone else thinking we may not win another game this year? I keep forcing this thought out of my mind but it keeps creeping back in the more I watch.

It’s crossed my mind as well, I keep telling myself we will win some, but we don’t look good right now (6:11 first half)

CMA just needs to tell them from the tipoff they are down 15 points. Horrible. Plain and simple horrible.

I do know that we won’t win any playing like we did the fist 14 minutes of this game

Mizzou helping us with turnovers, but our half court offense is, well, offensive

At times we have shown some defense pressure that’s working! WPS

Misery is still on pace for 68, but if we play like we did the last 10 mins, we are on pace for 84.

Let’s go Hogs

Fingers crossed. I just don’t know. The hogs leave shooters wide open from 3.
This is a toss up!

So many missed opportunities. Mizzu is a turnover machine but we miss layups & / or turn it over ourselves.

Reading this thread you’d think we were down 20.

Missery is now on pace for 60. We are on pace for 66.

About right.

If it wasn’t for Mizzu’s 20 TO’s so far we might be.