AR vs LSU Game Thread

Dude we only have 11 free throws and made 7 of them. They have 38!!!


Woo pig!!!

unbelieveable…congrats to the team. :smiley:

Hey, we beat eight of them, not just five.

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Chill out man

I was just noting that we hit 1 of a potential 4 at a crucial point of the game

But there’s no doubt refs totally hosed us

Whew! What a game by the Hogs on the road. The refs sure made it tough.


The best win of the year or years ! We growed up today, hats off to coaching staff and all the players. We played as a team today!! WPS

Our 5 beat their 8. WPS!

I’m just saying 7 out of 11 ain’t bad, that won’t lose you a game. When the other team shoots more than 3x the free throws you do that will lose you a game. Refs tried to get us in that one.

Man I lost my butt at oaklawn today and got to see the last 2 mins of game up there!! Nothing btr than hearing all of oaklawn Calling the HOGS!!! priceless!!!