AR vs LSU Game Thread

Let’s Go WPS

No surprise - getting hosed by the refs already.

Hopefully we can keep this up

Good start!
I’m telling you, when this team starts shooting well, hitting the 3’s, they are hard to beat. I like the way they are getting the ball to Gafford!
Go Hawgs! WPS!

Why hasn’t Chaney played yet?

Incredible start! Wished Simpsons could shoot like this every game…I know it probably won’t last but it’s fun too watch while it does

Chaney plated about 3 minutes and got two fouls

Thank you. I missed him playing! Great first half.

Thank goodness Gabe is playing very good. Even made another 3. Reggie isn’t missed so much when Gabe steps up.
We need both in 2nd half though.


We aren’t getting the whistle called on our offensive end at all.

I’m not confident until the game is over, but if we could go on another 13-0 run, I’d be really happy

What are we doing!!! so careless with the ball!!!

At this point I break it down into TV timeouts. We got to the under-12 and survived that mini-run. Get to the under-8 with a double digit lead I’ll feel a lot better.

I think Simpson, Sills, and Harris are better ball handlers than Harris, Joe, and Jones, but both Simpson and Sills managed to get hurt. Problem is that’s not really a scoring threat backcourt. Plus, the refs are definitely home cooking

Got it to the under-8 with an 11-point lead. We’ve fumbled away a couple of plays that should have been dunks, including that last one before the break, or I’d feel even more confident. We are in the 1-and-1 now so we’ll need to hit some throws. Assuming the refs call any more fouls, but in eight minutes they should.

I can’t believe we’re close to giving this game away. We were just up 18 points… smh.

But now our old bugaboo is rearing its head

Missing free throws

These refs suck! But we have to block out.

I wonder if these announcers are watching the same game we are

Mike has nothing to lose, I hope he brings up the refs in the postgame presser