Ar @ Ta/m

Defense just can’t stop dribble penetration and we have nobody inside that can cover the big girl they can get an easy shot inside anytime they want

The free throw line cost the hogs the Tennessee game and tonight so far they are terrible at the line again. Can’t make a lay up or a few throw.

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Applying no pressure at all…

Absolutely! They aren’t taking advantage of opportunities.

yes pretty sad SMH

Just poor defense!

Nope. They are beating themselves.

If Spencer is gonna keep driving, she has to make her FT’s.

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That’s what I mean, Army! They have opportunities but they just keep hurting themselves.

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Yes shooting 40% form the free throw line will get you beat. They just look tired on defense.
They cut the A&M lead to 4 and just stopped playing. Of course I will say they might as well get rough with A & M and push back.

Would really hurt to lose this game after letting Tennessee off the hook with poor FT shooting. Tennessee got drilled tonite at Florida. C’mon, ladies! Get it together.

Well they better start hitting some threes. They aren’t gonna get back in it missing FT and shots at the rim.

17% from 3 for the Hogs.

Pretty much just going through the motions tonight… getting killed on the glass

42/27 difference in rebounds. Terrible

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Just tired legs.
I guess the Tennessee game and not have Daniels took it’s toll!

They do look slow tonight

Worst I’ve seen the girls look all year. The better coach is winning right now. I like neighbors, recruits at a high level, but at some point he’s got to do something with it. We haven’t rebounded well since he’s been here

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Not happen tonight going to be an embarrassing loss against the team with only one SEC win

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We’ve got the height they needed, but they still lack the size to bang in the paint with teams like this.